Watch: Why Won’t This Woman Answer Sean Hannity’s Question About Shariah Law?

After author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel caught media attention for her heated response to American University law student Saba Ahmed’s question during a panel discussion about Benghazi, TV host Sean Hannity invited them onto their show to continue the conversation.

Via TheBlaze:

Hannity, who had Ahmed and Gabriel on his show Thursday, said that he doesn’t hear enough moderate Muslims decrying acts of violence, noting that women who live under Shariah law are often forced to wear headscarves, are banned from driving vehicles and need four male eyewitnesses to prove rape, among other regulations.

Hannity made the distinction between radicalism and Islam, acknowledging the difference between the two; and he questioned Ahmed on her views on the restrictions of radicalism.

Yet, Ahmed spent the entire interview essentially sidelining the queries.

“Well, I mean I’m not being forced as a Muslim woman to wear the headscarf,” Ahmed responded. ”I don’t think anybody should be telling people … what to wear … it’s their choice.”

Undeterred, Hannity persisted to ask if she would speak out against Shariah Law as it is put into place.

Her response went back to the head covering issue.

Via TheBlaze:

“I’m not speaking out, I’m just defending my right to wear the headscarf,” she responded, skirting the direct question.

Ultimately, Ahmed never fully addressed his questions. However, after Hannity stated the fact that violence is taking place in the name of Islam and strongly believes that Ahmed and other believers should not be silent, she did reply with this:

“I’m against a lot of the barbaric practices around the world. I think Islam has been misused by a lot of people.”

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