Watch: What Whoopi Goldberg Just Said Could Get Her In Serious Trouble With Some Powerful People

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“The View” hosts hit a hot button topic when they discussed teacher tenure on Monday night’s show.

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Jenny McCarthy had a passionate conversation with guests Kayleigh McEnany and Nicole Wallace regarding whether or not teachers should be protected by tenure.

“On the heels of parents suing the board of education for their policies on teacher tenure that protect teachers from being fired,” Goldberg began, “it will most likely become the big issue in 2016’s presidential elections. Now no one wants a teacher in the classroom who isn’t teaching, who isn’t a good teaching – teacher, but do people really need to sue over that?”

The women were unanimous in their agreement that it was worthy of a lawsuit. Teachers should only remain teachers when they actually do their job.

“I love teachers, I respect them fully; but who is protecting the students?” said McCarthy.

Quoting two parents who authored an article on this topic, Wallace said, “The teachers have a union, but our kids don’t have a union. We’re their voice.”

McEnany added, “If we exchange one of you good teachers in the audience for one bad teacher, a Harvard economist said it would raise the classroom salaries by $250,000. So I’m for putting you guys in, taking out some of the bad teachers, and Whoopi, you’re sounding a little conservative… on this one. I like that.”

“I am a thinker, I think about what’s best for us,” Goldberg responded. “To me, bad teachers don’t do anybody any good, so the union needs to recognize that parents are not going to stand for it anymore… And you teachers, in your union, you need to say, ‘These bad teachers are making us look bad. We don’t want it.”

“It has nothing to do with being a liberal or a democrat, it has to do with being an American. Before I’m any of those things, I’m a U.S. citizen, and I want everything a U.S. citizen should have,” Goldberg concluded, eliciting cheers approval from the audience.

Via Huffington Post:

The tenure gripes on the ABC talk show came a week after an advocacy group led by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown filed a lawsuit challenging teacher job protections in New York. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of seven families, who claim their children are receiving poor instruction from unsatisfactory tenured teachers. In June, a judge in California struck down laws that offer teacher tenure in a similar lawsuit.

Conservative political commentator Nicolle Wallace noted on “The View” that the issue of teacher tenure has proved divisive in the traditionally labor-friendly Democratic Party, with some liberals taking a hard line against teachers unions. Two former Obama administration aides recently cut ties with a Democratic firm because of their support for Brown and her lawsuit.

Due to the controversial nature of this discussion, a host of tweets went out. Many had the distinct tone of disapproval.

Others, however, sided with Goldberg’s claims.

In response to the criticism, Goldberg posted a YouTube clip on Monday.

“I’m all about teachers,” she said in the clip. “My mom was a teacher. I like great teachers. I don’t like bad teachers, so I think bad teachers should not be given the gift of teaching forever, badly.”

Additionally, Goldberg took a moment to respond on Tuesday’s show.

“We were not talking about good teachers, who do a great job. We were talking about getting rid of teachers who don’t do a good job. I just want to let you Twitter folks know, I had and have kids and grandkids and stuff, so I understand the issue because they go to school.

“This is not about bashing teachers and I don’t appreciate you misquoting what we said,” she continued. “We said that teachers who do not do a good job in teaching have no right to have tenure. That’s what we said. That’s what it is.”

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