Watch: What Sheriff Joe Just Suggested To Do To Secure The Border Will Make Liberals Go Crazy

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In a recent radio interview, the Arizona lawman often described as ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ weighed in once again on the immigration crisis that has disproportionately affected his state and others that share a border with Mexico.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio concluded that he has “a lot of authority as sheriff,” though he has a few ideas about how to secure the border and stem the flow of illegal immigrants that could only be implemented by the federal authorities.

“I would go back to what I did in Mexico,” he said, recalling his years as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

He explained that U.S. agents “worked right along with Mexico authorities locking up dope peddlers,” noting the same approach could be used to fight illegal immigration.

“I’d send my Border Patrol across the border,” he said, and encourage them to “work with the Federales and the military.”

While Arpaio conceded that such an approach is unlikely from this or any modern administration, he concluded “that’s what we used to do and we really dried up the drug traffic.”

He noted that the U.S. military could be involved in the interest of safety, noting that the only roadblock would be convincing the Mexican president that such a bilateral approach would be beneficial to all involved.

Arpaio asserted that he would simply “go in there, have a few drinks with him, and get the job done.”

Instead, the sheriff lamented that the federal government is spending its time accusing him and his department of racial discrimination based on the effort to uphold federal law.

“I had 160 of my people trained for six weeks and given the authority to enforce federal illegal immigration laws,” he said. “They took that away from me. I guess we’re doing too good a job.”

He concluded that the border will continue to pose problems as long as those in power refuse to act. The recidivism rate among illegals, he noted, is extraordinarily high, leading him to believe that criminals are being “dumped on the streets of Arizona” upon their release instead of being deported to their home country.

The current influx of illegals, he suggested, was likely “a ploy to generate controversy” in the hopes that “Congress would finally look at the situation or the president would start issuing executive orders.”

Public backlash against the steady stream of border-crossers, however, has caused that plan to backfire, he said.

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