Watch: What Nancy Pelosi Just Did On The House Floor Has People Questioning Her Sanity


Hollywood Actor James Woods recently asked the question that no one has yet dared to ask – and it regards Nancy Pelosi’s sanity.

Woods is known for his politically charged tweets, unafraid to censure and question the motives behind the Obama administration’s actions.

So in light of Pelosi’s erratic actions on the House floor recently, which involved a breach in proprietary civility, it comes as no surprise that he had something to say.

Pelosi’s shocking behavior began with her interrupting Republican Rep. Tom Marino as he debated the border crisis situation, to which Marino said, “Yes it is true. I did the research on it. You might want to try it.”

Marino, at the end of his statement, added, “Apparently, I hit the right nerve.”

Pelosi left her seat and can then be seen wandering the floor, looking for Marino, repeatedly saying, “Where is he?”

One of Pelosi’s associates, Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey, clearly surprised by her colleague’s ridiculous antics, said, “What is she doing?”

It’s obvious that Woods is not the only one questioning Miss Pelosi’s mental health.

It’s doubtful that Pelosi intended this kind of publicity when she chose to roam the floor in search of the man who made her look bad, but it seems she did a pretty good job of doing that to herself.

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