Watch: To Obama The Mission Of Rescuing Deserters is Sacred

Here is a short montage of Obama’s ‘Sacred’ Obligation to Bowe Bergdahl.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The war in Afghanistan isn’t over, where was this sacred mission for Benghazi? This was not a prisoner of war exchange, this was a collaborating soldier for terrorists swap, which encourages terrorists to hold Americans hostage. obama must be charged for aided and abetted the enemy, again. obama bypassed Congress again, like he has done with all foreign policy decisions except Syria. This act is a violation of federal law, obama has the power to negotiate with foreign governments, but not with terrorist organizations.
    What happened to the sacred mission in Benghazi when obama left Americans to die when there was a chance of saving them, and after 20 months noone has been brought to justice. obama is famously vindictive against perceived disloyalty, obama would not let the military get away with scolding him for failing to show the leadership necessary to save American lives. The Army’s ethos is to leave no American behind and that every effort will be made to respond when US personnel are threatened, but that is not shared by Obama accustomed to leading from behind. Clinton should "never be considered as Commander-in-Chief " because she helped "throw away 200 years of military ethos" and left "American behind to be murdered in Benghazi.” obama should be impeached, now.

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