Watch: This Thief Thought He Was Taking An Easy Ride, But It Quickly Became The Worst Day Of His Life

Carjacking goes bad

Caution: Graphic Language and Disturbing Images

This video starts with what appears to be the driver getting yanked out of his own car, but it turns out to be the carjacker!

He is 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez and he is prevented from carjacking a California woman in San Diego.

A couple of good civilians pull the man out of the van and begin to pummel him as they show no mercy towards the carjacker. The men stomp on his hands and kick him as he drips blood onto the street.

The civilians hold him down by literally sitting on him until the police arrive on scene.

Hernandez was booked on several charges that include attempted carjacking, attempted kidnapping and attempted auto theft. The victim and her daughter were not hurt.

“When I saw the video, he was so aggressive and he was not him,” the carjacker’s brother, Elais Velasquez told 10 News.

“He was acting different.”

Velasquez said his brother has long suffered with alcohol and drug abuse and was recently released from rehab. His father believes Hernandez had relapsed before the attempted carjacking.

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