Watch: This Military Wife’s Response To Liberals Wanting To Kill Her Is Incredible


Recently, Western Journalism reported on the recent social media outburst over this internet sensation. You might remember this picture posted by a woman who is unafraid to stand up for her beliefs:

Holly FisherPhoto Credit: IJReview

Holly Fisher’s tweet quickly went viral. Naturally. The army wife and mother of three later posted a follow-up tweet, however, when asked why her Bible and firearm were missing; and it elicited an outrageous response from left-wing bloggers:

Holly Fisher2Photo Credit: IJReview

Via IJReview:

A meme surfaced comparing Holly to Reem Riyasha, a loyal Hamas jihadist who conducted a suicide bombing in 2004, which killed Riyasha and four Israelis.

Some even called Holly “Jihad Barbie.”

explain-difference-1Photo Credit: IJReview

Despite the negative and hateful feedback Fisher has received on her photos and tweets, she has maintained a calm and humorous outlook…


Holly Zombie

One follower, Chris von Csefalvay, was particularly thoughtful and created a meme to explain the differences between the two pictures of Holly and the terrorist woman:

Chris Holly ResponsePhoto Credit: Chris von Csefalvay

It seems Holly is not going down without a fight, and she shows no sign of wearing out. If you’re interested in hearing Holly’s thoughts from the brave, conservative mom herself, you can watch her recent interview with Fox News at the top of the page.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. icetrout says:

    difference is we haven't started killing mooslims in the name of GOD… yet… it's coming… just keep pushing them buttons… :)

  2. Obama neefs to be sentenced to prision for not less tha n 20 years

  3. Lawrence Brown says:

    I give this lady two thumbs up. We all should be proud of her. This country needs more women like this.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    When the liberal democraps want to kill you you know your right.I think this girl Holly is right to say what she thinks and don't give a shit what some lame brain liberal thinks.Aren't the liberals suppose to be sticking up for women against us evil republicans.God Bless you Holly.

  5. Deborah Davis says:

    I try looking at your video not go
    On my @dbrhvillies 1 so you tell me who contact n this command
    My husband

  6. since you are woefully ignorant on the subject let me enlighten you and all like you. the difference is, the terrorists purposefully target innocent people, have no tolerance for other religions, and will kill women at the drop of a hat. if you think they wont marry one and find out. Christians are extremely tolerant, even of people as silly as yourself. the only reason people like you and others have complete freedom to go about your day and astonish the rest us with your stupidity is because of dead women and men in uniform in far away, dangerous lands. its really that simple. try not having them to protect you, you like others , you would be under the thumb of a dictator. you certainly have the perfect mentality of a good slave thats for sure.better wise up. there is such a thing as being a beggar to your own demise.

    • Helen Allen says:

      Jeff, I see these beautiful American girls marrying a Muslim and wearing that horrible head-to-toe covering and think to myself, "These girls were not raised in the Muslim faith." I use to do demos and I watched these young women come in with their Muslim husbands. These women wouldn't look at anyone. They kept their eyes down and it made me so sad that these young women had no idea what they were getting into when they married these men. Then I see young girls wearing shorts that left nothing to the imagination, tank tops and tattoos all over their arms, necks, breasts, etc; and think, "You have no idea what's coming." If Sharia Law ever takes hold in this country, they will be the first ones put to death." So, I say to those who say Islam is a religion of peace, better get their heads out of the clouds. Islam is the most dangerous, ancient cult in the world and has been around since Ancient Babylon. Don't take my word for it, ck it out. Better still, get a copy of the Quran and see for yourself.

  7. we wont be killing them in the name of God, but because good must confront and conquer evil. evil reseeds, but never goes away. been that way since man has been in existence. pure and simple

  8. Never understood the Islamic religion, I mean they worship Mohammed and it is well documented he married 9 year old girls, too me that’s child molesting, NINE YEARS OLD! This is a fact that can be found out on any historic site, or text, true, so again never understood that lot?

  9. Lets send every liberal packing out of this country and they can take an illegal under each arm with them and solve two problems at once.

  10. Helen Allen says:

    I sent an email to the ACLU telling them they cannot have it both ways. They file lawsuits to stop Christians from having a bible and praying, claiming it violates "Separation of Church and State". The ACLU hasn't a clue what is in the Constitution. No where is there a mention of Separation of Church and State. I asked why they fight so hard to stop something they say does not exist? But, they don't have a problem with ISLAM forcing a religion on our children and are trying to force Sharia Law in this country. Can't have it both ways. I told the ACLU that I feel they know down deep inside they knew the Bible is the truth and they are afraid of the truth. They know the Quarn is not the truth and they will accept a religion that is false. Can't have it both ways. If they want to ban Christianity, then they have to ban Islam, WICCA, and all other religions. The ACLU is scared of the truth.

  11. hermes hiris Here.

  12. robert barton says:

    Liberals just hate their selves so much that the truth makes them do illogical things.

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