Watch: This Major Walmart Scam Is Arriving In People’s Mailboxes – Make Sure You Look Out For It…

The Walmart check scam first reported in November is continuing to target unsuspecting victims looking to make some holiday cash.

A North Carolina woman was the latest to report the scam, which involves an official looking Walmart check and letter with an invitation and instructions on how to make money being a paid shopper as part of a Quality Control program.

The catch is the victim has to “activate” the check, which is always over $1,000. When they activate the check and then deposit it, thieves then steal everything from their bank accounts.

The North Carolina woman, Anita Roberts, was instantly suspicious. The stamp was from Madrid, Spain, and the long-gone Wachovia bank issued the check. Roberts contacted her local Walmart store, and they confirmed the scam. They took the check and the letter to send to the corporate office.

“It just makes me angry that people are out there like this,” Roberts said. “I think it’s a rotten thing to do. They shouldn’t be doing it.”

A warning about the scam first hit the media in November when an Illinois sheriff’s department issued cautions. The check and letter look official with telephone numbers, an email address and a website. It also has survey assignments and evaluation reports, which makes it seem legitimate. Law enforcement urges people not to fall for it.

“Once you deposit the check into your account, the scammers drain your account. Do not deposit this check,” the sheriff’s department warning states.

Contact local police or your local Walmart store if you receive the scam check and letter.

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