Watch: This Journalist May Have Just Made One Of The Most Idiotic Statements About Benghazi…Ever

Much of the current outrage over the Benghazi scandal is rooted in then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s assertion on Sunday political talk shows that an obscure YouTube video was responsible for the 2012 terror attack. In an apparent attempt to outdo that bizarre theory, far-left reporter Eleanor Clift appeared as a panelist on The McLaughlin Group this past Sunday to float another outrageous allegation.

First, she began by suggesting the attack, which has been largely ignored or relegated by the mainstream press, has actually received too much attention.

“Every media organization has investigated this to death,” she insisted, explaining the issue “animates the right wing of the Republican Party.”

From there, her narrative takes an even more speculative turn.

“And I would like to point out that Ambassador Stevens was not murdered,” she said of one of the four killed during the siege.

Clift proclaimed Chris Stevens “died of smoke inhalation in the safe room,” which led conservative panelist Pat Buchanan to interject.

“It was a terrorist attack, Eleanor!” he exclaimed. “He was murdered in a terrorist attack!”

Clift shot back, asserting the deadly act was “an opportunistic terrorist attack … that grew out of that video.”

In an attempt to set the record straight, Buchanan retorted: “The video had nothing to do with it!”

Clift, however, was determined to make her ultimate point, which appeared to be a defense of likely Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“And if you’re gonna put people on trial, we should put [former Army General] David Petraeus on trial, not Hillary Clinton,” she concluded.

Anyone able to view the disturbing images publicized after the Benghazi attack and suggest Stevens was not murdered must realize such an outlandish claim would lead to widespread criticism. In addition to Buchanan’s outrage immediately following her comments, patriots of all stripes have joined in the excoriation of Clift’s theory.


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Eleanor Clift is a miserable old hag who should be put out to pasture.I think she has some disease and is dying so she wants her name back in the headlines before she kicks off.This hag is a Obutthole testicle sucker like Monica was to Slick Willy.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    and Kennedy died in car accident

  3. Eleanor Clift is correct…. The Ambassador did die of Smoke Damage to his lungs…. Of course the smoke was caused by the fires started by the AAS gang of terrorists…. And no the Ambassador was not in the Safe Room at the Compound… He was in a small utility room on top of the main building…. The Safe Room is in a safe place in the middle of the main building ground floor…
    You might ask this question. Why was the Ambassador and a single Aid on top of the Building with no weapons when the ex-Seals came through the hole the AAS had blown in the Wall of the Compound?
    Another question might be. Why didn't the AAS immediately enter the Compound when they broke the wall?
    Another question. What in hell was really going on at Benghazi?
    My thought is exactly the same now as in the first hours….. A Scam kidnapping of the Ambassador to trade him for the Blind Sheikh…. Think about it…. What did Obama say to the MB in his speech…."Watch and you will see what I will do for You"…..
    Then he dumped Mubarak and put the head of the MB in his place, Mohammad Morsi. Then he drove another ally of the U.S. out of office Kadafi….. and the MB took over Libya…. then AQ went after Syria and Obama gave arms to the AQ…..The arms that were stored in, guess where? LIBYA!!!
    Wake up people….. we are headed for trouble….

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