Watch: This Is How Leader Of Bikers Plans To Free Marine Imprisoned In Mexico


John Harrington of Shield Tactical in Shiner, Texas has been riding his 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide across much of the United States for a cause.  He is riding for Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who is imprisoned in a Mexican jail cell because he made a wrong turn and ended up at the border of Mexico, with a few legally-owned firearms in his possession back in March.

Harrington, who owns a firearms company, told me in a phone interview that he has to do something.  He can’t sit idly by when one of our own Marines is sitting in a jail cell in Mexico and nobody in D.C. is doing anything to help him.  In a video posted to Shield Tactical’s Facebook, Harrington said, “This is a five-minute phone call that says ‘Hey! You know I could use a favor, Mr. Nieto, President Nieto. We’ve done a lot for you.  I could use a favor.  Why don’t you just go ahead and send our boy home.’  And I got a feeling that would work.” Harrington goes on to explain that he has no reason to be mad with the country of Mexico when it looks like our government, specifically Obama, has made no attempt to request the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Harrington is now in San Diego preparing for the “Demand the Release of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi” Rally this Friday, July 4th at San Diego Harley-Davidson.  He is asking that you show your support for our Marine by attending the event this holiday weekend.  It doesn’t matter if you ride a motorcycle, drive a car, or ride a bus; just get there and be part of the event.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If this marine was a muslim or a negroe Obutthole would have done something.

  2. Mexico is a corrupt crap hole and all Obama can think about is getting more of them to move up north by the millions so he can make democrat voters out of them,a real president would invade to get one of ours back but Obama is an imposter and incapable of doing whats right.

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