Watch: This Immigration Panel Wasn’t Expecting This Heated Response From Sen. John McCain


Arizona Senator John McCain was very angry when he was not allowed to carry his cell phone during a visit to a detention facility for illegal immigrants in the border town of Nogales.  He asked Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, about the restriction on carrying a cellphone.  Kerlikowske said “Not to take photographs.”  The Senator became agitated at this rule: “I am not allowed to take photographs? Why not? Why not? Why am I not allowed to do that?”

Kerlikowske answered: “The children have a right to privacy and that’s why we’re not having their faces shown on the media.”

McCain interrupted him: “I may want to take a photo of something else.”

Kerlikowske said “If you want to take a photo we certainly would make arrangements with you to take a photo, just not of the children.”

McCain scolded the Commissioner: “That’s not the instructions you have given, sir!”

McCain read from the memo that listed the rules about not talking to Border Patrol personnel, detainees, or staff.  “Are you telling me that I can’t even speak to the staff there?”

Kerlikowske replied: “Senator, I’m not telling you you couldn’t speak to the staff. We would make special arrangements for special considerations, Senator.”

McCain explained to the Commissioner that the Border Patrol and detention staff didn’t want him speaking to any of the staff or children per Kerlikowske’s memo.  “I view that as a violation of my responsibilities.”  McCain sternly instructed the Commissioner that he wanted this fixed immediately. “You have overstepped your responsibilities and your authority, sir.  And I want those instructions revoked as far as members of Congress are concerned.  And I want it done today.  Understand?”

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  1. Linda From NY says:

    John McCain is seeing first hand of our rights being taken away, and now that is happening to them, they don’t like it. It's too bad John McCain didn’t see this coming when he was too busy hanging around with Liar and Chief. Or is he changing his tune only because the Mid-Term Election are coming up?

    These Congressmen better wake up, now they too are experiencing first hand of a Communist dictator where there is no room but for only one person to be in Charge of the whole Country. These foolish Congressmen if they don’t take action soon, we will all be sorry, as we speak this clown has a private Army enforcing his laws and it is only going to get worst

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you there where was Senor John when people didn't want to give amnesty to illegals and he fell in step wih Chunky Schumer,Lurch Kerry and Obutthole to give these law breaking illegal alien lice infected rats.I don't give 2 cents about their ages.They're all leaches in my books.

  2. Michael Lovin says:

    McCain is correct in this issue…but I am not a McCain fan… does he just want to keep his phone so he will not miss his on-line poker games?.. This could be a grandstanding show that he is semi famous for. Truth is, he will visit, then go meet with the left and compromise a deal that benefits no one. We are just sick of inspection needed….close the borders and deport illegals … really is that simple. Time to trade this in on a new model. The repairs are just too expensive and will not fix the real problem…we have a traitor in the white house..

    • When the cost to repair on repair of a car exceed the value of the car, it is time to get rid of the car. Same goes for the president and his staff. This add was paid for by me. ha ha

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Poor Johnny now he knows how we feel when he wanted to stop the people who didn't want amnesty.The old bird got what he deserved and now lets see about what he will do.

  4. Martin Petry says:

    Today and after ongoing abuse the cowardly public is talkung articles of impeachment.
    Yes cowards of politically correct retribution.

    Did you know that in August of 2010 an argument was made for impeaching Obama which focused on the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill?
    Indeed it was made. Published as 'Watchman on the Gate'.
    It was presented before the first midterm elections of the first Obama Administration.
    The piece is 84 pages and was a bullet proof argument even a freshman congressman could have argued successfully. The media in their 'Folly of Hypocronance' shunned the writing.
    YET HERE WE ARE wanting Obama gone.

    Sorry to say, too late our country is outdone by the greatest Affirmative Action President ever elected.

    Shame nobody paid attention. History is replete of prophecy being rejected.

    Good luck wirh your endeavor. The constituency is too busy being blindsidedly misinformed by the whores in the media.

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