Watch: This Former M*A*S*H Star Just Epically Made The Case For Why Obama Needs To Be Impeached

Wayne Rogers appeared in a Fox News “business block” discussion about the “crisis of epic proportions on the southern border” hosted by Eric Bolling who asked the former M*A*S*H star, “who’s to blame?”

The investor and actor, who is best-known as Trapper John from the popular TV series, said that Obama “has violated the law constantly, he’s violated the Constitution.  Listen, he’s given amnesty for illegals who entered the U.S. before the age of 16.  He’s given amnesty to illegals who have relatives in the U.S.  He’s given amnesty to illegals who are parents or guardians of people.  He’s given amnesty to, the key word, ‘illegals!’  It’s already illegal.  You can’t violate the Constitution if you’re doing something legally.  He’s doing it illegally.  He ought to be impeached and so should Eric Holder.  The Republicans are pusillanimous peewees, they don’t do anything about it and they should stand up and be counted instead of running for the exit every time they bring this up.”

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  1. Amen so where are our congressmen and why aren't they doing it?

  2. He is far too kind. Jerks, the lot of them.

  3. Alex darling says:

    You put a Kenyan Moslem in the Whitehouse?

  4. John Melland says:

    This oligarchy we are living in is corrupt for sure and I think the majority of Americans are starting to finally realize that our wants and needs are ignored why those with money are not. Our president has so many acts of impeachable offenses that it is ludicrous. Yet our elected officials don't act at all and it makes me question their integrity of what little they do have. More embarrassing is that many people in other countries must think we are nuts for allowing this man to not act upon things he should and act upon things he shouldn't.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm for impeaching this mongrel cur some call the American president but it will never happen unless the republicans take over the senate.However with leaders like Boner & McCarthy 2 Obutthole ass kissers it'll never happen. Myself I'd like to see him arrested for treason along with Holder then using sharia law since both are muslims stoned on the white house lawn.To make money sell the stones to people who would like to chuck them at him for bringing America down.

  6. Mutee Al-Mahdi says:

    Web sites like this have only one bottom line and it is not to keep public informed! Money is the issue and when individuals sign up they are eventually linked to other sites which ask for funds! With the news media in general there is ALWAYS A BOTTOM line! Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN …… They all are reporting what THEY want you to hear which is very rarely the WHOLE TRUTH!

  7. Now if we could just get the democrats in congress to thing the same was as Wayne Rogers we could get rid of that commie for good.

  8. Hooray for trapper john, couldn't of said it better myself! This man who I will not respect by calling him President is a joke of massive proportions!! This is just the tip of the iceberg, he is giving America away to illegals so he can then make then citizens therefore he'll have thier undying love and support, he thinks he is smart! I've stated on here many times that he will do whatever he wants because he know nothing will be done to him, idiot

  9. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    They got rid of Trapper John because everyone else on that show was a liberal hack. Americans are fed up with lawless obama and his make-believe top lawman, holder. Impeach them both and we can finally start healing America by the end of November. Its too bad this anti-American sand monkey-in-chief has ruined it for honorable Americans like Allen, Ben, and Herman. Nobody will ever trust another one again.

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