Watch: This Dad Wrecked His Car To Save Kids, But What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart


There’s a new hero in the town of Syracuse, UT.

A troubled teen raced through a park  in a stolen car, endangering the lives of the children playing there. Bryson Rowley and his family were among the crowd.

When Rowley saw the car returning to the park again, he knew something had to be done to protect the innocent lives at risk. So he jumped in his truck and stopped the reckless driver in his tracks – literally.

As a result, the teen was arrested; and Rowley’s truck was in need of some serious repairs.

When the video capturing the unbelievable story hit the news, the staff at Car Star, the auto repair shop in the nearby town of West Valley City, were intrigued.

“If that was one of my kids in that park,” said the manager of Car Star, “And something happens to them? I’d be a wreck.”

They offered to take care of all the repairs, free of charge. As word spread about Rowley’s courageous actions, what started out as $7000 in repairs resulted in additional donated upgrades worth approximately $8000.

“There is no words,” said Rowley when he picked up his truck. “That’s the hardest thing. I don’t know how you tell somebody ‘thanks’ for doing that.”

So far, the quick-thinking father has not received any citations for his involvement in the car chase.

“People are priceless,” said the auto repair manager. “Your car can be fixed.”

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