WATCH: This 5-year Old Girl Was Trapped In Washing Machine; Did She Survive?

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This is one trip a 5-year old Texas girl would rather soon forget, as she was airlifted to the hospital Tuesday after being stuck inside a washing machine at a high velocity for several minutes.

The incident transpired at Le’s Washateria in Pasadena at approximately 6:15 PM local time, where the young girl was swirling inside the washing machine for minutes on end before anyone had noticed, according to KHOU.

Vance Mitchell of Pasadena Police told reporters, “She was tumbling pretty fast in there..One person walked by and said they saw something flopping around in there. They thought it was just a dress or something because it was moving pretty fast.”

The incident began as a customer in the store complained that the machine where the accident occurred was broken, was given access to another one, and was granted a refund. It has not been determined how the girl ended up in the washer, nor where the girl’s parents were at the time.

Mitchell added, “You’ve got to watch your kids. That’s the bottom line. If that was my son or granddaughter, I’d be really upset that I let it happen.”

Paramedics told reporters that the child is expected to survive.

There were similar incidents in 2013 in China where two toddlers drowned in laundry machine, and in 2012 when Chris and Tiffany Hebb of Oregon lost their child in a freak accident of a similar nature.



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