Watch: These Thugs Thought This Grandma Would Be An Easy Target. They Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong.

Photo Credit: Fox10TV

Phyliss Law is an Alabama grandmother who refuses to be victimized by violent criminals in her community. A recent home burglary not only left her without many of her valuables; it also prompted her to be prepared for any future threats.

As it turns out, she was soon put in the same terrifying situation.

In the interim, reports indicate that she had boarded up her home’s windows and took other measures to ensure she was never left helpless again.

“They come in on peoples,” she said of the local thugs in an interview with a local Fox affiliate. “When they coming in they coming in; you don’t know what they have on them. A lot of them come in people’s house kill them take what they want and leave. Like I said, not here.”

When two intruders entered her home late last week, the 63-year-old said she hid her granddaughter in a closet and prepared herself for a confrontation.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, he’s trying to come in,’” she recalled. “So I backed up to my room and got my gun and my extra clip.”

As she listened to the nearby commotion, Law said she realized at least one of the intruders had some familiarity with her house.

“Next thing I know, he hit the lights and put all the lights on and I’m saying to myself, ‘This person been here before to know where all my lights at,’” she reasoned.

A moment later, she came face to face with an individual in “blue jogging basketball pants” and was forced to make a quick decision.

“When he got there I jumped up and just started shooting,” she recalled. “I have no idea where I hit him. He fell right there on the floor there.”

According to authorities, Law’s shot hit the juvenile burglar in the head. She then fired again at the fleeing accomplice who was arrested a short time later.

Though he did not die in the shooting, Law was able to neutralize the immediate threat to her life, her granddaughter’s life, and the property she worked so hard to protect.

Photo Credit: Fox10TV

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