WATCH: The Islamic State In Their Own Words: Part 4


Editor’s note: In case you missed it, watch part 3 here

Here is part 4 of a 5-part series of short videos, with three segments in each part. What you will see and hear is a stunningly blunt, uncensored series of Muslim ideology being imparted onto citizens in real life scenarios. This series of “on-the-street” discussions, teachings, correction, and enforcement of Sharia Law and the Muslim way is informative, insightful, as well as troubling. There are no political speeches; but you will see the implementation of Islam through strict adherence to the Quran, enforced by Sharia to shop owners, citizens merely walking the street, a husband and wife walking along the street, andchildren being indoctrinated as fighters (Jihadists). Muslim criminals awaiting sentencing for various infractions are interviewed, which is insightful to the Muslim/Quran/Sharia mind-set.

This short video is a MUST SEE–and to think this portrayed Islamic Ideology is pushing its way into America with demands for Sharia Law to be implemented shoving aside our Judeo-Christian Constitutional Rule of Law foundation in which our Nation was conceived and developed. It is startling and a Wake-Up call to the Church in America and all Americans. You will see and hear how an ideology has transformed into a cultural way of life including a government system, a military force to keep the cultural way of life in check, and an aggressive military means to impose Islam and Sharia into all parts of the world. The insight contained in this segment is a blessing in itself; having an opportunity like this to learn and prepare for such an aggressive force is most valuable, and a gift from the Lord Himself.

Watch part 5 here.

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