Watch: Explosive Ferguson Confrontation Between Sean Hannity And A Liberal Politician

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In a heated discussion on “The Hannity Show” Sean Hannity and Patricia Bynes, a Democratic politician in Ferguson, discuss the deeper issues following the death of Michael Brown.

Bynes claims the unrest is not just about Michael Brown but rather about police brutality, racial profiling, and racism.

Hannity begins by questioning Bynes on where she is getting her facts from since she admittedly did not witness the shooting herself.

“Let me educate you, Committeewoman,” Hannity said. “Let me educate you about the legal system in America.”

“I don’t need your kind of education,” Bynes responded.

After much disagreement on whether the Michael Brown shooting is an issue of police brutality or not, Hannity wanted to “educate” her again.

“If he was charging at the police officer, the police officer – by law, that would be defined as justifiable use by force. You are aware of that, right Committeewoman?”

“I am very much aware of that, but there is no way that an unarmed man should have two shots in his head and four in his body. So you keep wanting to talk over the facts.I think you need the education here.”

“If he was charging at the officer,” said Hannity, “and he was only hit in the arm. And if he kept charging after being hit in the arm, the officer would still have the right to defend himself by law. Is that not true, Ma’am?”

“Well, the officer does have the right to defend himself, but two shots to the head? He’s doing too much. I think a logical person can agree to that.”

“But the fact is, you don’t know and I don’t know,” Hannity concluded. “But you are making claims. You should be a better leader for the community and wait until the facts come in.”

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