This Rep Just Did To The IRS Commissioner What Every American Has Always Wanted To Do, But Couldn’t

We sure hope John Koskinen is OK with heat. Because he is getting grilled long and hard by representatives, and it’s only a matter of time before legal action takes place.

This time, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) was grillmaster during a House committee hearing, repeatedly asking why IRS Commissioner John Koskinen waited nearly two months to tell Congress that the agency lost Lois Lerner’s crucial emails due to a hard drive “crash.”

Koskinen claimed he didn’t tell Congress, the White House, the FBI, the Inspector General, or any other outside agencies about losing the emails until the IRS’s report last week, after Congress asked them about it.

The Congressman later asked: at which point does this withholding of “critical information” become an obstruction of justice?

“We’ve been after this for 13 months,” Jordan said. “We subpoenaed six months ago for this, you had a hearing on the 26th where everyone went after you and said ‘We want all the emails,’ and you assured us you’d get them all to us; and then you learned you can’t, and you don’t tell anybody?”

“This is ridiculous,” Jordan added.

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