Watch: ‘Queen’ Michelle Obama Silences Journalist’s Freedom Of Speech (Ridiculous)


Michelle Obama, flanked by a few Secret Service agents, went for a brisk walk along Beach Road on Martha’s Vineyard recently. As it turned out, a team of journalists from Vocativ happened to be in the vicinity when the high-profile exercise enthusiast approached.

France Costrel wrote that a cameraman was ready to film the chance encounter when a member of her entourage crossed the road to scold him.

“Come on, really?” she said. “Come on, really? Come on. Come on.”

The unidentified woman explained that Obama was “trying to have a private moment.”

As a caption in the video noted, however, this ostensibly private moment was taking place during “high season” at the Massachusetts destination and on “one of the busiest roads on the island.”

Another member of Obama’s team explained that, while he could not prohibit Vocativ’s crew from filming the very public walk, he could regulate it.

“It’s not illegal,” he said, “but here’s the thing, we can restrict your distance to her.”

At one point, the site pointed out that Obama herself looked directly at the reporters.

“Don’t do that,” she reportedly said.

As the cameraman continued to film Obama and her security team from the rear, she looked back and appeared to once again glare in the direction of the camera. Shortly thereafter, the first lady and her team crossed the road, raising the possibility that she was simply checking for oncoming traffic.

In any event, Costrel pointed out that this encounter only stokes the “heated debate around the administration’s relationship with the news media and its tightly scripted control of images, which The New York Times has called ‘Orwellian.’”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. My only comment is to NEVER CALL MICHELLE/MICHAEL QUEEN AGAIN, ok?

  2. Too bad it was just a camera. From what I see in the picture, it'd be a breeze for someone with the right equipment to eliminate her and O and Holder…..

  3. My question is why give this woman any attention? she doesn't deserve any acknowledgment, she and this Idiot are both squatting in our white house both illegally living on taxpayer's dime

    • Linda A, I could not agree more….some things are just not news worthy!

      • Hi John,
        I'll bet if the press ignores her, she would not like it, she and this clown both think of themselves of great importance which they are NOT. By now 75% percent of the Country can't wait for them to leave office and our white house

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Linda you know the black banana is only seeking attention ,she thinks she is important the witch doctor doesn't realize nobody gives a shit

          • Hi Edward,
            It is true, most people do NOT care what this lady does, but they do take notice when she abuses taxpayer's money on frivoulous thing such as exotic vacations costing the American Taxpayers millions while the American people are hurting with the lack of jobs, how can anyone NOT notice? this abuse

  4. LogicalPatriot says:

    I fail to see the silencing of the freedom of the speech. Was anyone prevented from saying something?

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