Watch: Proof That Hamas Is Alive And Well In The U.S. And Could Be Planning Their Next Attack

Screen shot from clip

Warning: Clip contains rough language, threats of murder

To get the proper context before reading the rest of this article, please take a look at the above clip of a recent pro-Hamas demonstration in Miami.

A Brit in London was arrested recently for quoting Churchill on the subject of Islam.  American Christians are threatened and sanctioned for quoting the Bible on the subject of homosexuality.  Hamas supporters can threaten to kill American citizens, and there are no police in sight.

Years ago I met a remarkable man from Lebanon.  He grew up in Beirut with Arab youth.  He spoke Arabic.  He eventually became a pastor, and he had a stern warning for the West.  Jihad is an obligation, and Jihad is coming to the West.  He told me 30 years ago terrorist attacks would escalate.  He tried to warn the State Department.  No one would listen, that is, until 9/11.

He foretold the infiltration of America, noting that Hezbollah fighters years ago were marrying American hookers to acquire citizenship, take up residence, and plan.  We have Jihadist sleepers in great numbers throughout the U.S.

The Fort Hood shooter should have been a wakeup call to the snoozers seduced by political correctness.

And we have read much about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Obama administration.

The number of Muslims coming to America has doubled in the last 20 years.  We used to see about 50,000 Muslim immigrants per year.  Now, 100,000 come here to live as citizens every year.  Given the birth rate in Muslim communities, which is much higher than the average in the U.S., the Muslim community is growing even more rapidly.

Today, there are about three million Muslims in America, and by far, most are peace-loving citizens, but according to my friend from Lebanon, and the polling data, a substantial number are sympathetic to Jihad, and remain under an obligation to cooperate with Jihad.  According to reliable studies, about 10% of the Muslim population worldwide is radicalized. (Some argue they are not radicalized at all, only fundamentalists, ones who insist they practice pure Islam.)  This means there are now about 300,000 Muslims in America poised to participate in acts of violent terrorism, ordinarily characterized by mass killing.

FBI sources and intelligence operatives have known for years there have been significant movements of Syrians, Somalis and others into our country, and many of these men have traveled to Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere for training, returning to America to await orders.

Today, many of these fighters join others from around the world, swelling the ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Add the increasing numbers of terrorists within, the proliferation of mosques and homegrown radicalization, and the establishment of training cells here in America, and you have a recipe for disaster: serial attacks in various places perpetrated by infiltrators.

For perspective, take a look at the recorded number of terrorist attacks on American soil.  One American retaliated after 9/11, a felon who was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to death.

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  1. Thanks to O, they are already on U.S. soil. Stay vigilant at all times

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole has saturated his administration with camel humpers and he is letting them into the US by the hundreds.He knows that these lowlife people will have no qualms killing Americans in his conquest to become king.What really shocks me is how many colored people are embracing islam

  3. blueviolets says:

    Why warn about language and death threats? The people need to know who and what they are dealing with language, threats and all. Maybe then they will start learning that this group means everyone and not just a select few.

  4. mutantone says:

    Obama has placed their affiliated groups in the White House, Homeland Security and the Office of the Secretary of State which gives them insider information on our security and plans against their organizations and from what we have seen so far Obama is more than willing to fund and arm them world wide and we are supposed to think that none of it will come home to roost?

  5. What else would anybody expect when Obummer's mouth piece (this idiot can't make a telephone call without a teleprompter) is an Iranian. Has everybody overlooked that troll Valerie is running things with her Muslim buddy pretending to be a president. It's all smoke and mirrors and the voting public bought it hook, line and sinker!!!!

  6. Hamas has a surprise coming if they think they are going to kill the Christians of america. We carry guns and will use them! Our names don't end in Obama.

    • Linda A. says:

      Hi Joanne,
      I agree with you, this is the reason why we must hold on to our Rights To Bear Arms, our names don't end in Obama and we are going to keep that way.

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