Watch: Outraged Utah Rancher Tells The BLM What’s In Store For Them If They Try Anything

The reaction to the Bundy Ranch showdown proved hostilities between civilians – specifically ranchers – and the federal government is not limited to Nevada. Land disputes in Texas and protests in Utah have highlighted what many see as undue intrusion by the Bureau of Land Management into the rights of ranchers who have used the land for generations.

Outrage has reached a boiling point among some in Utah who depend on federally owned land for their livelihood and who feel the government is now making their way of life virtually impossible.

“I’ve been riding a horse and taking care of them … ever since someone could hold me on the horse,” rancher Preston Johnson said, explaining he had hoped to pass his lifestyle down to his children.

The San Juan County rancher’s concerns come just days after a nearby protest against the BLM’s failure to act on requests that it reopen a canyon that has been off-limits to motorized vehicles since 2007.

He cited the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act as the basis for his claim to use the land, though he notes that he and other ranchers are facing mounting opposition by the BLM. Under the guise of protecting endangered animals or some other ostensible emergency, he complained that federal agents are resorting to the use of force to enact new restrictions on ranchers across the American West.

His mother, Sandy, agrees.

“The government has pushed us and pushed us ‘til we’re tired of being pushed and we’ve done the things we need to do like pay our grazing fees and everything,” she explained.

Failure to pay such fees, officials claim, was the basis for an armed standoff at the Bundy Ranch.

Some critics contend the BLM is working toward the full removal of ranches and cattle from the millions of acres it currently owns.

As for Preston Johnson, he made it clear that he has no intention of voluntarily capitulating to the encroaching federal bureaucracy.

“I’ll stay here ‘til they have to run me off,” he concluded, “with everything they got, because I ain’t going nowhere.”

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  1. Busdriver Bill says:

    The big mistake here is that we allowed the federal government to assume control of what is a sovereign state's property. When statehood was originally granted, the state was the sole "owner" of the land within. Many foolish laws have been passed, giving the federal government jurisdiction – all of them unconstitutional, in my opinion. Oh I suppose there is some justice in having military reservations, but National Parks, Monuments, and Forests – these are just plain thievery. Federal Lands? The District of Columbia should be all there is.

    • oldtimered says:

      The big fed push began with Clinton and his dem congress of 1993. We now have what is about to be proven to be a foreign agent as resident of the White House and it is worse than 1993. This year could be a very decisive point for the existence of the USA. The communists and fellow travelers have been planning this for 85 years. They will be hard to remove if the people don't care about their country and its noble heritage.

  2. Folk's in this Country are damn sick and tired of a Government that has been slowly removing the peoples freedoms and under this administration the pace towards total control has been in high gear. We are all drawing the red line this time Hussein Obama, and you just keep it up and all the waters shall run red. The American People are on "High Alert".

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    from my cold dead hand

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It is time for all Americans to push back when government gets out of control.Look at Libya Eygpt,Syria,these people protest and they go over board but atleast they have the guts to protest.We have the power to vote these commie liberals & RINOs out.Lets take back America and give the power back to the states.Our leaders want rights for illegal aliens law breakers but not for real citizens

  5. Lane (Nevada) says:

    The BLM does not "OWN" the land.. hence, Bureau of Land MANAGEMENT….

    • dexter6o says:

      Quite right — just like 'the government' this regime wishes to impose on all Americans.
      They do not own the land or the people, contrary to the current Fascist thinking in every slot they occupy. They are public servants sworn to uphold The Law and 'manage' what they are assigned to; failure to do that requires their removal — nothing more. The breach of trust is enough to disqualify them from any service or support. Enough bank-robber retirement plans on the taxpayers dime.
      While we lesser folks, in their eyes, are set to argue and mumble about bullying is schools, to condition our children to kneel before them — they have another thought coming, before it gets to shoot-on sight as it had to go in more barbaric times; they have already reach the limit.

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