WATCH One Of The Sweetest “Date Night” Ads Ever

This insurance company knew what it was doing when they created this moving ad. It involves a proud father who goes out on his first “date” with his little girl. The tale behind the company that made it, however, takes the sentiment factor to the next level.

“BeCause of Camilito” stands out among the crowd of “insurance companies.” Why? Because it is a charity organization dedicated to helping others rather than helping themselves, donating 100% of their profits to poverty-stricken children around the globe.

According to their website, this is the story of how they came to be:

“As a part of my work, I’d been signed up to take a “vision trip” to Colombia with Compassion International, and since I was going all that way, I thought it would be neat to sponsor a child I might actually be able to visit. Within hours of our big insurance business meeting I had emailed Compassion, sponsored a child, and was on a plane bound for Colombia.

Three days later I was hanging out with my sponsored child at his house in Bogotá. You’ve probably guessed his name by now . . . it’s Camilito.

Meeting Camilito changed my life. We were total strangers, we spoke different languages, and we had nothing in common except for Jesus Christ, but God used our time together to break my heart for him and countless children just like him waiting to be released from poverty.

I knew that nothing we could do with the money from our insurance business could be better than seeing kids like Camilito released from poverty, and introduced to our Savior, and I was thrilled my partners felt the same way.”

The origins of “BeCause of Camilito” are truly unique. They symbolize love and faith in action, and the generosity of the men who founded this company is not something one sees everyday.

Something to consider: everyone needs car insurance. So before renewing yours, why not check out this company first and give them a try? You wouldn’t be the only one benefiting from the coverage.

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