Watch: Obama Mentor Bill Ayers Just Proposed We Build A Monument To Bowe Bergdahl (But Only If He Was A Deserter)


For a radical domestic terrorist who to this day refuses to apologize for numerous bombings he took part in during the 1970s, Bill Ayers is no stranger to outrageous behavior. Nevertheless, the man who helped launch Barack Obama’s political career managed to once again offend much of America with his take on accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Since Obama pushed through a deal with the Taliban that would secure the American hostage’s release in exchange for the release of five dangerous terrorists, Bergdahl has faced significant criticism from his fellow soldiers. Numerous sources confirm he left his platoon willingly and made it clear he did not wish to return or be in any way associated with the military.

In a recent Fox News interview, Ayers weighed in on the controversy, suggesting host Megyn Kelly should shift the focus away from the suspected deserter.

“It would be fair and balanced to also look at the violence that was and is going on,” he said, “perpetrated by the government, by the official agencies and organs of the government.”

Kelly shot back, pointing out the perceived anti-American tone of his stated position.

“You sound like – with respect – Osama bin Laden,” she responded.

Ayers continued in the same vein, concluding that the U.S. should actually honor those who desert their fellow soldiers during a time of war. “I think Bowe Bergdahl, if he deserted, that was an heroic thing to do,” he said. “No one knows if he did or if he didn’t.” Finally, he expanded his support to include those who showed similar disloyalty throughout the nation’s past. “I think throughout history we should build monuments to the unknown deserters,” he concluded, “the people who look at the craziness they’re asked to participate in and say ‘I’m not part of this.’”

Decades after co-founding the notorious Weather Underground, it appears rooting against America has become second nature for Ayers.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    When ever I see this Dickhead Obutthole friend and mentor all I want to do is grab his girly man earrings and yank them off his ears and shove them down his throat.He should have been in jail for being a terrorist and it's not to late to have a drone seek him out along with the slut he lives with Dhorn

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