Watch: Obama Just Got Shunned By Vets During A Speech, And It Couldn’t Be More Awkward

Obama Am Leg

A president whose approval rating is suffering often tries to rescue his popularity by wrapping himself in the flag. You know, giving a rousing, stars-and-stripes speech about our American values as exemplified and protected by the armed forces…or going before a military group to generate supportive applause and good ole red, white, and blue media coverage.

Well, if that sort of ratings boost was Barack Obama’s goal in appearing before the American Legion’s annual convention in Charlotte, NC, not only did the president fall short of that goal…he absolutely fumbled the ball.


[Obama’s] 35-minute speech seemed to have reminded the audience of the stark divide between the White House’s policy choices and the feelings of the men and women often called on to carry them out.

A Virginia legionnaire who served in the U.S. Marine Corps told MailOnline that ‘a small group of Obama’s admirers – and there are some here – sat near the front and tried to generate applause for him about 10 times.’

‘They didn’t get much pickup,’ the retired lieutenant colonel said of the ‘instigators’ gathered at the Charlotte, North Carolina event, but ‘they were persistent. You could tell when the applause was genuine and when it wasn’t. It was obvious to everyone here.’

Most of the veterans sat on their hands, leaving awkward silences where White House speechwriters expected ovations.

In fact, Obama’s address was such a bomb that even his harshest critics might just feel a tinge of sympathy. Check out the video above to see for yourself that many a pause for applause turned into awkward moments of weak to non-existent clapping.

And as you watch, see if you can detect a simmering disgust in Obama’s face as it becomes obvious he is suffering a very public humiliation before a largely hostile audience.


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  1. TO OBIE:—–SET DOWN A SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He just mouthed words, nothing from the heart. It was an endurance experience for the vets. The time has come for 0 to resign.

  3. He is lucky that he did NOT get Boo, that is what he deserves. Does he really think people are stupid? like him. By now the majority of Americans are on to him and they know he is a liar, what he says and what he does is two different things.

    Whatever happen to Hope and Change? that he promise in 2009 it never came, oh yea, he gave the Hope and Change to the Ilegals, free education, housing, money, foodstamps and healthcare while the Americans get the Bill to pay for this.

    • Edward Koziol says:

      He should have a shoe thrown at him like they do in Muslim countries.After all he is one.

      • I’ll get the shoe you throw it. Hey do you remember the time he came before alphabet Network News
        cameras and talked about the rich heritage that Islam played in the founding of this country? I thought I was listening to radio free Kenya.

  4. American Legion is not the VFW. They did not have to serve in a War Zone to join so yes you will have many demoncraps and slackers.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I don't know how hw even had the nerve to go in front of vets,since he does everything to screw them

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