WATCH Network Anchor Actually Ask Jay Carney Tough Questions

Though the mainstream media is still firmly in the tank for Obama and his agenda, a few defectors have become more vocal as the president’s approval ratings continue to sink to unprecedented depths.

ABC News host Jonathan Karl recently sat down for an interview with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, during which he sought an explanation for this administration’s monumental failures. He began the recent segment with recent polling data that shows almost two-thirds of Americans think Obama is incapable of making sound decisions for the nation.

Carney agreed that, throughout 2013, his boss led “a Washington that did not deliver for the American people.”

He promised, however, that Obama will not be constrained this year, noting his intention to “work with Congress where he can and bypass Congress when necessary.”

The interview took place just prior to Tuesday’s State of the Union address; and Karl cited a number of proposals during last year’s address that have since remained unfulfilled.

“None of that happened,” he said of issues such as raising the minimum wage, passing immigration reform, and implementing stricter gun control legislation. “Isn’t this year only going to be harder?”

After Carney expressed optimism regarding the administration’s radical agenda, Karl responded by bringing up ObamaCare, a law he said is “shaping up to be the biggest headache for Democrats in 2014.”

With only about 4 in 10 Americans expressing approval of the legislation, the interviewer wondered how much Obama would be willing to lose in the pursuit of the unpopular law.

“Will it have been worth it if you lose the Senate?” he asked. “You already lost the House because of the healthcare law.”

Carney responded: “It is absolutely worth it – no matter what happens.”

Karl remained on offense as he brought up income inequality, a key theme of the upcoming address.

Though Carney tried desperately to cast blame on a Bush administration that ended more than five years ago, Karl countered with an argument millions of Americans have been making for years.

He asserted that both the economic crisis of 2008 and the Bush presidency “are in the rearview mirror,” asking Carney, “Doesn’t the president bear some responsibility, his policies, for the fact that the poverty rate has gone up, the gap between rich and poor is even greater?”

Obama’s press secretary could only respond with a talking point that the current situation has been “in the making for over 30 years.”

It appears Carney is interested in blaming Reagan and Bush for the utter failure of his boss.

As the interview ended, Karl brought up the secrecy with which the Obama administration operates.

Carney alleged that the White House provides an “extraordinary amount of information and access to reporters and work[s] every day to provide more.”

Karl’s interview, though comprised of fairly hard-hitting questions, should not have made news on its own. Holding those in power accountable for their actions should be a primary function of the press.

Unfortunately, too many sycophants within mainstream media are more interested in currying favor from Obama than in exposing his tyranny.

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