WATCH: Nancy Pelosi May Never Recover After This Incredible Megyn Kelly Beatdown

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Megyn Kelly was on fire Thursday night when she responded to Nancy Pelosi’s comments made earlier that day on the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision. This is the essence of what the House Minority Leader had said, replayed on The Kelly File:

“We should be afraid of this court, that five guys [are] determining what contraceptives are legal or not.

That court decision was a frightening one that five men should get down to the specifics of whether a woman should use a diaphragm and she should pay for it herself or her boss. It’s not her boss’s business.”

Kelly’s response to Pelosi’s statement is priceless as she put Pelosi through the intellectual ringer. As IJReview noted, “This one was over before it started. Pelosi never had a chance.”

Here’s what the television host had to say:

“First of all, the gender of the justices in the Hobby Lobby majority is totally irrelevant. Miss Pelosi’s reference to it is obviously an attempt to stoke resentment. When Roe v. Wade was decided it was all men in the majority. Does Miss Pelosi think those justices were ill-equipped to fairly decide that case? Or is it only when a judge disagrees with Miss Pelosi that his gender is an issue?

If speaker John Boehner made a similar comment about the female Supreme Court justices, Nancy Pelosi would be crying ‘sexism,’ and that’s what she is guilty of here.

Moreover, the five men in the Hobby Lobby majority did not – I repeat, did not – ‘determine what contraceptives are legal,’ nor did they ‘get down to the specifics of whether a woman should use a diaphragm.’ What a gross misrepresentation.

News flash: all birth control that was legal before this decision remains legal today. The high Court simply found that a religious freedom law, which was co-sponsored by none other than – wait for it – Nancy Pelosi, sometimes protects corporations from being forced to violate their religious beliefs. She co-sponsored the law that gave them that right.”

She closed with this final punch.

“No one ruled those contraceptives were illegal, and the diaphragm was never even discussed. It wasn’t even one of the birth control forms at issue, which Miss Pelosi should really know since she famously promised us that after Obamacare was passed, at some point, we’d know what was in it.”

As always, Megyn Kelly knows how to win with class.

Kelly verses Pelosi, 1-0.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bles Kelly for giving it to a shithead like Botox Nancy Poopalosi.The plastic witch talks through her asshole which her plastic surgeon pulled up to he head.Crazy Nancy could only get elected in Calif.where a majority of weirdos live.This bitch wouldn't credit God because she believes he is a republican.

  2. Anybody that has seen any of Pelosi's insane rants can only come away with one thought in mind, and that is she is certifiably a Looney Bin candidate. This woman is playing with a deck of cards with only four Jokers in it.
    The people in her voting district could not look anyone in the face and claim her to be anyhting but an escapee from the high porches of the nearest hospital for the mentally insane, without laughing histerically.

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