Watch: If You Think Obama’s Presidency Is Bad, What This MSNBC Host Wants Would Make Your Life Hell


Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson was guest-hosting on MSNBC’s The Ed Show Wednesday when he answered a viewer’s question about President Obama serving on the Supreme Court after leaving the White House. Dyson said that he doesn’t think Obama would be interested in doing that.

The man is so busy now and he’ll be even busier when he’s out of office doing all kinds of humanitarian ventures, going across the world speaking, making a lot of cheddar and also creating opportunities for his wife and his family as she creates opportunities for her husband and their family.  And I think he’ll treasure that time together with them.

The professor added:

And plus do you think he could actually get through the Senate that can’t even give him the carte blanche to do a few things that everybody agrees that are necessary?  Maybe Eric Holder, nah, they probably wouldn’t let him through either.  But both of them would be great choices.

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  1. No I don't think so

  2. I think Eric Dyson has lost his damn mind. Such a waste of talent.

    • Nothing is wasted if you didn’t have anything to begin with. ..Hasn’t America been humiliated enough by having people like Obama & Holder in office? Whoever even thinks that those two criminals should become Supreme Court judges should hold their heads in shame.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wonder what drugs Dyson is on.Obutthole is a closet racist and Holder is an open racist, hasn't that scumbag Dyson seen just how both don't believe in upholding laws on the books. What makes Dyson think that these 2 would uphold the constitution.Just look at those 2 porch monkeys he has appointed already.

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