Watch: Mike Huckabee Completely Shames Muslim Leaders In The Middle East


As Islamic State terrorists continue their vicious assault in Iraq and Syria, the surrounding region is in increasing danger. The threat extends worldwide as the U.S. has already seen its citizens captured and killed by the militant organization, also known as ISIS.

While leaders in this nation consider how to effectively combat that growing menace, however, some are calling on those closest to the problem to pitch in with some military action of their own.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee addressed this concept in a recent Fox News appearance. Host Megyn Kelly explained that only Australia and Great Britain have confirmed they would support the U.S. in a mission against these radicals, prompting Huckabee to wonder why Middle Eastern nations are not offering to assist.

“What we really have is blood being shed by people who don’t live in the neighborhood,” he said, conceding that surrounding nations have made contributions.

“The Saudis gave $100 million to the United Nations effort,” he said. “You’re seeing some comments by the Arab League. That’s all fine and good.”

What really needs to happen, he reasoned, is a mobilization of warriors within these affected nations.

“Until some people in those countries are willing to get in the fight and put their sons on the battlefield,” he continued, “I think the United States needs to say, guys, we’re not going to spill American blood to help you guys who won’t get out of your palaces and stop this nonsense yourself.”

Though America has an obvious incentive to see these terror cells defeated, Huckabee noted that the prospect of going it alone is too costly.

“It’s enough for America to have to not only finance the fighting of ISIS,” he said, “but also have to pay for it with the blood of American sons and daughters, and I think we need to say to these nations, ‘That’s it.’”

He also had some tough words for Barack Obama, who just this week admitted that his administration has yet to develop a strategy to take on ISIS.

“You know, the president keeps talking about I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” Huckabee concluded. “Well, let him get that pen and write down the list of all these countries who are going to be far more affected and much more immediately that we are…. And then get on that phone of his and call these guys and explain to them in explicit terms that we’ve got to seal off our own borders right now.”

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  1. Now a days, Iraq and Syria are most vulnarable country to hold a war. The U.S government is doing as what they want within their country. I do not understand why they are killing the people in those country. We do not want to see the dead people through any war.

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