Watch: Mark Levin Just Dropped A Bomb On Obama and Co., And Now They Are Left Picking Up The Pieces


Conservative and bestselling author and radio host Mark Levin went on “Hannity” Tuesday night to lambaste Jon Stewart and his recent pro-Hamas segment, but he didn’t stop with just Stewart. He takes his time to lay into Obama for his casualness and overall incompetence regarding the crisis striking the world right now.

“And, I’d like to educate Jon Stewart and his clapping seal studio audience to let them know Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas also was part of the PLO. The PLO’s history goes back to the Mufti, goes back to the Third Reich, to the Final Solution. Read up Ivy League boy. Try and figure out exactly what’s going on before you cut your stupid jokes.”

He then took his remaining time to lay into Obama.

“Look everybody knows, particularly our enemies and allies abroad, what a weak president this is, this president can’t seem to concentrate on his responsibilities. He thinks giving a speech is actually doing something…”

“He is hollowing out the United States Military while our southern border is wide open to friend and foe alike. This man is a disgrace, he’s shameless…”

“Of course Putin is going to take advantage of Obama. He sees Obama as weak… When our enemies see weakness they move, and when our allies see weakness they fear what is going on in the world.”

“These are very, very perilous times with an ideological, incompetent unfocused president.”

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  1. Apart from not being able to get the above video to start. Politiciens are bloodsuckers by name The word "poly" means many and a "tic" is a bloodsucking insect. Put the two together and you have had the introduction to politics.

    But it is largely the whole so called democratic election system's fault. If you apply for a senior executive's job a well run selection system will A) Find out your earlier performance elsewhere. If you came from a drug infested world of gays and achieved nothing in your life, would you be selected?. B) If your marital status is……. would you be selected?. C) If you are unhealthy in mind or body would you be selected? D) If your job requirements insists that you need to be a US citizen, from American parents, born in the US and you do not have any of these would you be selected? D) If you have no experience in the type of job and you are a poor decision maker, particularly under stress would you be selected? E) If you are nasty revengeful bully would you be selected? F) If you have all your skills in a gramaphone like repeat and repeat, with no intellectual input would you be selected? If the applicant was a man with criminal deeds, even if financial would he be selected?

    Yet all the clowns in politics just buy votes from voters on the basis of their looks, religions, colour of their skins, their waffling ability, their wealth, (in other words how much they stole) calling themselves democrats or republicans, religions etc. not because they are intellectually and physically healthy, with high morals and proven management abilities, logical thinking etc. This how the world gets Eisenhowers and Carters and Bushes and Obamas.
    The votes have to start with an independent board of intelligent people with ability to decide if those who offer themselves had any of these characteristics. Countries have to realise that the public is largely an ignorant mess who never read Gustave Le Bon or Charles Mackay. We do not have to go far back in history, the man stands right in front of us Until the selection and election systems are re-organised, governments will always consists of substandard people and will only occasionally find a Harry Truman.

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