Watch: Libya Was Having A Ceremony For A Fallen Officer When Suddenly THIS Happened (Intense)


A pilot with the Libya Air Force crashed his MiG-21 fighter jet over the city of Tobruk in northeast Libya Tuesday during a memorial ceremony for another pilot who was killed recently when his aircraft malfunctioned and crashed.  The pilot has been identified as Rafa Al-Farani from Benghazi.  Al-Farani was performing a flyover at Tobruk Air Base when his aircraft suddenly plummeted from the sky and crashed into a city block, reportedly killing a young boy on the ground.

The crash, ironically, took place during a remembrance service for Air Force officer Ibrahim Al-Manifi who died on Saturday when his aircraft crashed over Beida.  Both crashes are believed to be the result of technical failures.  Both fighter jets were part of Operation Dignity, which is the military campaign against the al-Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia led by rogue Libyan general Khalifa Haftar. Operation Dignity said that Tuesday’s crash was an accident, but militants claim they shot the aircraft down.

(H/T: Libya Herald)

Image credit:  Screenshot from video

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