Krauthhammer SLAMS Obama: What He Just Did “Is A High Crime”

The IRS has conveniently “lost” all of Lois Lerner’s emails regarding the targeting of conservative groups over a two year period.

The same government that claims to capture all of Americans’ phone call data and emails suddenly claims that they cannot find any of Lerner’s emails.

Charles Krauthammer was on Fox with Bret Baier to discuss this development.

The new White House Deputy Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, issued a statement that said that the lost email situation is “entirely reasonable because it’s the truth and it’s fact.”  Earnest’s statement concluded that the skepticism expressed by Republicans is not surprising nor believable.

Krauthammer responded to the White House statement:  “These guys are living on a different planet.  They asked for this a year ago, it’s now discovered that they are lost.”  Krauthammer continued, “Nixon lost 18 minutes, Obama’s now lost two years of email.

And one thing that people don’t remember, the second article of impeachment for Richard Nixon was the abuse of the IRS to pursue political enemies. This is a high crime. This is not a triviality.”

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama’s destructive binge is in such high gear now that he is committing an impeachable offense a week. Start the hearings now before the fish gets off the hook  

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