WATCH: Kerry Just Claimed The Bible Commands US To Join Muslim Nations For This Liberal Cause

John Kerry

Given what John Kerry just said, one might reasonably ask a question adapted from an often-repeated liberal argument, “What about the separation of Church and State Department?”

At a special ceremony on Wednesday in Washington, the Secretary of State once again visited a subject he has frequently championed — the need to address global warming and its supposed man-made causes. But this time, Kerry connected a few rather interesting dots.

The Secretary of State pointed to Scripture, claiming it is the United States Biblical “responsibility” to “confront climate change” to help protect “vulnerable Muslim-majority countries.” Kerry did not, however, cite Bible passages to support his argument that this responsibility “comes from God.”

As one watches the video of what could be characterized as Kerry’s “sermon,” it’s also curious to note that, in referencing “Muslim-majority countries,” the U.S. Secretary of State would seem to suggest that nations can be characterized by their dominant religions. Would he be implying, then, that the United States is a Christian-majority country?


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  1. they should send the queer over to talk to the isis, and let them take his head. no big lost to america

  2. Elena Nash says:

    I love John Kerry's revised edition of the Bible, this is coming from a member of Skull and Bones. this statement is right up there with Obama's statement that Muslims have a rich cultural American heritage since the inception of this country excuse me Republic.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lurch Kerry the coward of Viet Nam probably thinks the bible is something found in motel rooms.The only time this jigaloo picked up a bible is when he is running for office and needed the christian vote.It's too bad the great white shark wasn't out in the ocean when the old bird was wind surfing trying to show his atheletic ability, he is like a jock an atheletic supporter.

  4. Psalms 50:16-19

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