Watch: Judge Napolitano Just Blew The Lid Off This Huge Obama Admin Scandal


Judge Andrew Napolitano was on Fox And Friends discussing the Central Intelligence Agency’s spying on the Senate.

The CIA works for the President.  And the CIA gets to spy, lie, steal, even fight secret wars as long as it reveals all this accurately and truthfully to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.

The Judge said that the CIA commits a crime and loses its authority to do what the President wants it to do when they lie to these committees.  John Brennan, the head of the CIA, admitted to spying on members of the Senate, which violates the Constitution “per se” because it is the Executive Branch invading the privacy of the Senate. Napolitano explained that Brennan lied to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in a secret briefing, which could result in the CIA head’s indictment and prosecution for lying to Congress.  But will Attorney General Eric Holder uphold the law?

Judge Napolitano criticized Obama’s attitude towards the CIA’s conduct:

Yet the language you just heard from the President of the United States as he attempted to justify it, is enough to make George Orwell blush.

The government is out of control.  The President is permitting spying on the Senate and these guys can’t keep their jobs when they lie.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think Judge Napolitano needs to get a better dye job and what surprizes me is he s an open boarders guy.I lost all respect for him

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