Watch: Is Obama Quitting His Job?


Fox panelists A.B. Stoddard and Steve Hayes discussed Wednesday whether Obama is to blame for his own falling approval ratings by giving Americans the impression he has given up on his job.

In a new Quinnipiac poll, Obama is ranked the worst president since World War II.

“The president is giving Americans the sense that, as he gives up on Congress, he’s kind of giving up on his job,” Stoddard said. “They know he’s bolting from the building to go to Starbucks and Chipotle. He’s getting bored in the cocoon; he’s planning his post-presidency.”

“That’s really troublesome for the American people not only because of all the problems we have, but because we’re with him for another more than two years.”

“It is largely because of the president’s flippant attitude towards the presidency. ‘So sue me’ – what kind of president would make that argument? And where he had been buoyed, I think, by the fact that people liked him or people wanted him to succeed, despite the fact that they might have had some questions about his policies, that no longer exists, because the president is behaving the way that he’s behaving,” said The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes.

Charles Krauthammer went on to add that “That could be his only great competence-to campaign, to make speeches.” As a result, “He gave people hope, but he doesn’t know how to govern.”

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