Watch: Intern’s First Day On Job Brings White House Press Brief To An Abrupt End

Josh Earnest

As a reporter asks White House press secretary Josh Earnest a question during Tuesday’s briefing, an intern is seen fainting in the background.

“Oh goodness. You ok?” Earnest asks.  “Can we get some water? Why don’t we wrap it up and we’ll bring some water out here,” he said.

How kind of you, Josh.


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  1. Now, where have I seen that before? Oh right. Obama rallies. Obama will be BSing and then some (most of the time) unseen individual will keel over and he'll act all concerned, saying, "Somebody faint?" "Give 'em room." "Are they okay?" "Get them some water.", etc. You can find these instances on youtube. They're astounding. Each one, Obama knows exactly where to look and gives this whole performance of acting concerned. Sometimes he'll mix up the routine a bit. Why, the last time this was used, Obama reacted BEFORE the lady behind him started leaning back, unable to contain her smile. Looks like Earnest picked up on that, but instead of looking like he really gave a crap, looked mostly disinterested and used it as a means to dodge a question. Pathetic.

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