Watch: In Just One Minute, Rick Perry Silenced The Critics Of His Actions At The Border

Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been among the most vocal Republicans calling for immediate and decisive action regarding the ongoing border crisis. While his state is disproportionately affected by the ongoing influx, he has repeatedly asserted that his concerns lie in protecting Americans, illegals who embark on an often deadly journey from their home countries, and the rule of law.

In a recent CNN interview, he expounded on the potential risk posed by criminals crossing into the U.S. to target Americans.

“I’m the governor of the state of Texas,” he told ‘State of the Union’ host Candy Crowley. “My citizens’ safety is what’s foremost here.”

Calling the steady stream of unaccompanied Central American children a “side issue,” he explained that he is much more worried about potentially dangerous individuals coming not only from Central America and Mexico but from nations that are known to harbor terrorists.

“When you think about the idea that some of them are from countries that have substantial terrorist ties,” he explained, “whether it’s Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria, we are at historic record highs with individuals being apprehended from those countries. We say it’s time to secure the border.”

Crowley asked Perry whether his stance on the issue is a political move ahead of a possible 2016 presidential candidacy.

He responded that his effort to secure the border “hasn’t got anything to do with anything other than those numbers of individuals who are coming across the border.”

Perry went on to say that he is working on behalf of Texans – and Americans in general – who have grown tired of an inactive and inattentive federal government.

He said citizens “expect Washington to respect the Constitution and secure the border,” noting that failure to uphold U.S. laws is a clear violation of that trust.

“One of the things that’s actually enumerated in the Constitution,” he concluded, “we’d like them to do their duty.”

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  1. I think we should take them (immigrants) to the fema camps and hold them until their citizenship can be
    processed legally or offer to fly them home for free. I say forget impeachment….ARREST obama for treason!
    He has broken more constitutional laws than anybody and, arrest all of the obamanzies around him.
    But let me guess…..nobody has the guts..right

    • Well sir that’s all sounds good, but unfortunately no one in congress has the marbles to step up and not only impeach him, but arrest? You have got to be kidding me, although there is nothing more I’d LOVE to see is Barry being cuffed and stuffed, but this is reality and again there isn’t one politician in Washington that has the berries to punt him back to whatever hole he climbed out of. Sorry, don’t mean to seem argumentative it’s just everyone in DC is scared of this puke, and I know I live in Baltimore just a hop from that cess pool! God is our only hope, always has been, always will! God bless everyone!

  2. John Donnellan says:

    Why have we not secured the border with Mexico with a double fence, within which we could set up an enterprise zone along the entire border so that we could entice the companies that have moved their operations overseas to come back, tax free ,if they would be willing to pay for their facilities and improvements, thus creating over a million jobs for our workers. Remember, these hundreds of companies are a complete loss to our economy as it stands now, so this action can only result in a plus for the American economy. We could also hire English speaking Mexicans on a workers visa program and thus eliminate all of the alien crossings along the border. This would not cost the taxpayers anything as the companies who set up in the zone would be responsible to pay all cost, including a zone police force and all necessary roads to and from their manufacturing facilities along with all necessary improvements of lighting and water etc. You see, it’s all just a matter of making a positive out of a negative. If you would like more details regarding how we can add a Million New JOBS very quickly, please feel free to call or email.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    John Donnellan 941-416-2294 email

    • I can answer your question in one, simple sentence, and here it is, "what your stating is COMMON CENSE, and we know Barry and his band of thieves doesn't have COMMON CENSE!"

  3. Perry is another joke of a politician; how is it possible that he is still "calling" for a resolve to the border crisis; why hasn't he sent his reserves there already? what a joke!

  4. Why trust a guy who stood in Mexico City in 2007 and called for OPEN BORDERS!!

    Bilderberg Rick Perry gave in state tuition to illegal aliens………………..

  5. BOB is not a simpleton but he is a left leaning deemer with a agenda for malice with intent and every time BOB ignores the rule of law or steps outside the Constitution then our elected congressional body should be yelling it's lungs out and representing our interest, they aren't, they won't and they can…….If your not doing the job we pay your elite butt to do then get out of the seat you occupy and let a real American have the honor of serving…..

  6. Lawrence says:

    Load all our enemies on aircraft and have them jump out at 10,000 feet without chute , if they live they go home , if not they get free burial.

  7. The Obama administration is a complete failure with no chance of ever getting right,when this happens the nation needs to shutdown untill the offending president recluses himself from office.

  8. vincent marquette says:

    The Mexican government and it's people are not our friends. That's for sure.

  9. Rick Perry is right. The border must be sealed. I just worry how many gang members, criminals drug cartel members, and terrorists have crossed our border already. Also, it is reported that foreign illegal invaders are entering from 75 different countries. We are in deep trouble.

  10. Ernest Mumford says:

    Rick Perry, just made many friends who are the base of the Republican party, He may also have laid down a gauntlet for millions of Patriots. It maybe very interesting to see where this leads. If he could get Trey Gowdy as a VP or Speaker of the house, I think it will be a winning ticket.

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