Watch: If Judge Jeanine’s Shocking Allegations Are True, Obama Could Be In Big Trouble


Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her opening statement on her Sunday show that Obama has known about this surge of immigrants from Central America for at least two years and has been covering it up from Congress and the American people.

The Judge said that “The White House was involved two years ago in efforts to care for these kids when they negotiated the temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.  So why, you say, would the Obama administration not prepare and plan and warn us two years ago? Why?”

Judge Jeanine then runs a clip of herself from a July 12th show predicting her theory that “Obama is intentionally using the immigration crisis as an excuse to change the demographics and ultimately the electorate of this nation.”

She added to that theory, saying that this was a “calculated decision” by the White House not to tell the public or to actually protect our borders.  She said, “If the president were to tell us this surge was coming, indeed already started, it would be far more difficult to pass comprehensive immigration reform, wouldn’t it?”

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  1. Bingo

  2. mutantone says:

    treason yet again the Muslim Brotherhood and now this time to charge him and remove him and his administration

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Nobody will go after this mongrel no matter what he does.He believes he is a god but I think he is satan come to earth.

  4. Helen Tritt says:

    he is so nauseatingly repulsive, the mere sight of him makes me literally sick to my stomach! Why can't we get rid of this LEECH that is destroying America???

  5. Anyone who believes a thing that the POTUS says is delusional. If his lips move, he's lying, and I, for one, am sick and tired of it! He is such a putz, and his policies are intent on destroying our country. He's not a citizen, and was not taught about our country in school. He doesn't even know how many STATES there are in the USA. And this is our POTUS?? He wouldn't be here had the moonbat Nancy Pelosi not certified his birth certificate when Hawaii, the state he says he was BORN in, refused to certify it. Egads! How much does it take to get through the Democratic grifters and find the truth. Deport the idiot. He is NOT American. Even his mother renounced her citizenship, so no American parent. ppfftt

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