WATCH: Hillary Blames Benghazi Victim In Boneheaded ABC News Interview

The ballyhooed favorite among many Democrats looking toward the 2016 presidential election is facing significant backlash as a result of comments she made during an ABC News interview with Diane Sawyer this week.

On Monday, an advance clip of the interview aired in which Hillary Clinton claimed she and her husband were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House as she attempted to justify charging up to $200,000 for a single speech.

The fact that the couple received a $1.7 million loan from current Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and went on to earn more than $100 million between 2000 and 2007 naturally struck many Americans as incongruent with her assertion.

When the entire interview aired, Clinton faced even more criticism – specifically for her allegation that Ambassador Chris Stevens played a part in his own death during the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. She stated he was at the embassy “of his own choosing” and would not confirm whether there was anything she could have done that might have changed the outcome.

“I take responsibility,” she said of her response as Secretary of State; “but I was not making security decisions.”

To top it off, Clinton claimed the Benghazi ordeal is the primary reason people should vote for her. Beyond that, she had little compelling evidence suggesting she would be an effective president.

Clinton did, however, manage to interject some talking points into the conversation – including her apparent assumption that the world is full of sexist men. She used questions stemming from the fact that she will be a grandmother during the 2016 election cycle as a catalyst for her diatribe.

Suggesting she could have been more effective in combating the supposed hurdles women face in politics, she said that “men have been serving [as president] as fathers and grandfathers since the beginning of the Republic.”

Furthermore, she used the opportunity to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin for comments he made recently that many individuals considered sexist. She concluded that he was “not the first” influential man to make such statements.

Clinton also subtly attacked the belief by some that she is too old for the presidency by seizing on the fact that her interviewer is even older, concluding that it is “good to be our age.”

Sawyer brought up the Monica Lewinsky scandal that ultimately led to impeachment proceedings against her husband. While Clinton said she is “not going to comment on what I did or did not say in the late ‘90s,” she ultimately concluded that she would likely not repeat her claim that the entire controversy was the result of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

She did, however, confirm her suspicion that a “concerted political effort” exists against both her husband and Barack Obama.

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  1. Benghazi — the Sham Kidnapping of an Ambassador which led to his death as well as the death of two ex-Seals…..and one Aid to the Ambassador….. When fools plan things, foolish things happen!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    After she leaves Omar the tent maker who makes her attire she goes on talk shows to promote her book which sounds like a lot of lies.I have yet to hear her say she was the driving force in Benghazi.The fat ass blamed Stevens and her homies that worked for her at the time.The poor bitch was a church mouse coming out of the white house so she says what a crock.Where is Slick and Hitlary hiding the money they swindled out of the taxpayers,I'n sure Slck wasn't tipping Monica.So far this sick turket can't name one accomplishment during her reign of terror.

  3. Just another liar in a long line of liars wearing out the patience of every American that has any IQ over 65. The politicians just make me sick and hardly cloak their greed and corruption. The last thing this country needs is another Barrack Obama in drag. It's time for the radicals to get out of the sandbox because recess is over.

  4. It was all a coverup for Obama & Hillary at the state department! Obama & Hillary were sending arms to the Muslim brotherhood which included the Taliban & Al Queda operatives to overturn the government in Libya. They were sending nonlethal care freight with AK47's, grenade launchers, & surface to air missiles to Libya. I am not sure if the Ambassador was in on it or not but when Hillary sent Chris Stevens to Benghazi to set up the compound as a permanent place for the Ambassador. Did he discover the weapons in the warehouse or did he already know about them & what they were for? Obama was pissed that Congress turned him down to intercede in Libya so he took the law into his own hands & gave it off to Hillary to arm the Muslims! Then 2 brave men decided that they would help the Ambassador after being given stand down order directly from the white house! IMPEACH OBAMA for Benghazi now!

  5. RacerJim says:

    "She did, however, confirm her suspicion that a “concerted political effort” exists against both her husband and Barack Obama."

    Just like the concerted political effort against Nixon by the Democratic Party's "Committee to Impeach the President" that she was FIRED FROM for UNETHICAL practices (deceit, lying, misrepresentation, etc.)?

    Just like the concerted political effort against Bush by herself, her husband and Obama?

    What's the matter, Hillary? Don't like stones thrown back at you after you cast the first one?

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