Watch: Harry Reid’s Son Wants To See Cliven Bundy Taken Down

Just one day after his father, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, declared the Bundy Ranch standoff is “not over,” Rory Reid appeared on a local NBC affiliate to express his desire to see patriarch Cliven Bundy prosecuted.

The stalemate between federal Bureau of Land Management agents and the ranching family came to a head Saturday when hundreds of protesters showed up in support of the Bundys. Armed officers threatened the assembly of cowboys and state militia members after employing physical attacks against members of the Bundy family.

BLM action stemmed from the accusation that Bundy failed to pay grazing fees for his cattle over the past two decades. Regardless of the alleged crime, however, millions of Americans were incensed by the excessive force displayed by federal agents on the scene.

As the standoff continued, reports surfaced that both Reids possibly had a vested interest – i.e., the establishment of a lucrative solar farm in the county – in seeing the family and its cattle removed from the ranch. Though Sen. Reid remained silent throughout much of the controversy, he weighed in Monday with his declaration that “[w]e can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.”

Rory followed suit with his comments Tuesday.

“We believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and you can’t just ignore the laws we don’t like,” he asserted, concluding that “he should be prosecuted.”

According to the younger Reid, Cliven Bundy is “not a victim and he’s not a hero.”

He stated that there are “hundreds of ranchers throughout Nevada that conduct their profession honorably.”

Cliven Bundy, however, believes the federal government is trying to force the ranching industry to disappear. He claims there were once 52 ranches surrounding his in Clark County. Now, he said, he stands alone. The BLM, along with its fee demands, have reportedly put them all out of business.

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    NOOOOO….JUST THE OPPOSITE NEEDS TO HAPPEN. The satanic Reid's need to vanish. How dare politics and that damn agenda 21 dilutional crap ever be as important as good ranchers and farmers. Those in government are very very very sick in the head. The public is sick of this present cult in Washington. Politicians whom have sold their souls all need to vanish the same way they have done with our good superior whistleblowers, navy seals, vets, etc….exactly what this nasty bunch deserves…..starting with Ob his ugly other half and holder…on down the line. You bunch of serpents and snakes and vipers. You have turned this fantastic country into a filthy sewer. You need to disappear….vanish…evaporate.

  2. I guess Reid likes to see baby cows, Bulls, mother cows, property destroyed by a sorry dumocrat run goverment!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I would like to see Dingy Harry Reid and his creepy son Rory pushing up daisies.They stole enough and now they don't want anybody else especially cows to get what they stole.Dingy Harry is just a piece of shit and so is a son.This dwarf wants laws to be obeyed but yet he supports that coon Holder when he dosobeys the law.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Basically both Reid and his son are scumbags.
    Does Reid and his son have their own fuuking show???

  5. Rick Magee says:

    It is Niow the Time to Remove these self serving Despots from Office. The Harry Reids , Palosies, Holder, Obama and their ilk are the ones of whom I write. McConnell, Boehner and the other RINO's are included. They all must go. We need Honest an more true Constitutional people to replace them Bring Term Limits tinto existance for Congress and the Snate. Reduce their Retirement to that of Police and Fire Departments. Make them live by the taxes and plans etc that they impose upon us. No exemptions. ~Rick Magee, "MOLON LABE"

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