WATCH: Hannity Just Had An Epic Showdown With A Muslim Imam On Live TV

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Once in a while, you get to peer into the dark depths of an angry Islamist’s soul. Every so often, the stark truth of the radical Muslim agenda is revealed in shocking clarity.

That’s just what happened Wednesday on “Hannity,” when the London-based Muslim cleric Anjam Choudary went ballistic. The highly controversial Imam, who has repeatedly expressed his support of the 9/11 attacks, went head-to-head with Sean Hannity in a heated exchange.

Choudary defiantly defended the terror tactics of ISIS in its bloody onslaught across Syria and Iraq. And there was more, much more, as you can see in the video above.


Image Credit: Fox News

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Where is a drone when you need it however I think with a weak piece of shit we have for a president this Muslim camel jockey could be right.

  2. Revolution time my friends, they want to disarm us so we cant fight back.. War with russia, china, and the ragheads, and our own goverment wants to disarm us??? Think about it…

  3. I couldn't hear a thing as the video was not hooked up for viewing on here ….why is that ?

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