Watch: Hamas Might Not Be Able To Recover From This Crippling Blow From Israel

Hamas Powerplant

As the violent battle between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists along the Gaza strip drags on, the former have been pressed to ramp up attacks as relentless missile launches place the Jewish nation in continual danger.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week that Israel is committed to staying the course as long as it takes to neutralize the threat posed by Palestinian militants in Gaza. On Tuesday morning, that offensive stance resulted in a strike on a plant that provides power to much of the region surrounding Gaza City. The targeted attack resulted in an explosion involving three fuel tanks and extensive fire damage. Director Mohammad al-Sharif described the plant as “finished” in a statement to Reuters. Air attacks also demolished a home belonging to a top Hamas commander, several government buildings, and a television station operated by the terrorist organization. The Associated Press reports that these gradual increases in military action are part of a larger strategy against Hamas. “Israel is determined to strike this organization and relieve us of this threat,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesperson for the Israeli armed forces. Fox News cited sources indicating additional targets hit by Israeli strikes along the Gaza Strip Tuesday.

The mayor of Bureij was reportedly killed, along with four members of his family, when his home was hit during an air strike. As for the elaborate tunnel system used by Hamas to move in and out of Gaza, Israel claims to have destroyed 20 of the 31 passageways it has found thus far in the conflict.

Hamas leaders continue to refuse calls for a cease-fire in the region, however, declaring that their intent is to continue fighting until heavily defended borders surrounding Gaza are opened. A high-ranking official within the Palestine Liberation Organization asserted that he represented Hamas in a recent call to temporarily end the hostilities in the region; however, a source within the terrorist organization refuted his claim.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hamas doesn't have a thing to worry about with Obutthole and Lurch Kerry on their side.Israel better not turn her back on these 2.Can you imagine at a speech shithead gave today praising the muslims contributions to making America great.He should have said that they blew up the twin towers and the pentagon ,did the sand monkey consider this urban renewal.

  2. mutantone says:

    Might not recover from the targets attacks by the Israelis taking out their leaders for sure. but with Obama and Kerry flaunting the Muslim Brotherhood agenda as Americas they will quickly recover as Obama sends them more funding so they can buy more rockets

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