Watch: Governor Perry BLASTS Obama Administration On Immigration Incompetency


Texas Governor Rick Perry was able to refute the apparent defense of the Obama Administration by Martha Raddatz, who questioned the Governor on Sunday on ABC’s This Week.

Raddatz brought up the “pretty serious allegations against the federal government” that Perry spoke about a few weeks ago, when he hinted that the government might be helping the illegal children into the US.

“Governor, do you really believe there’s some kind of conspiracy to get people into the United States by the federal government, by the Obama administration?” Raddatz questioned.

Perry stoically noted that in 2012, he sent a letter to Obama about the lax border security and has yet to have any kind of answer regarding the situation.

“They either are inept or don’t care,” Perry said, adding that Obama may have “an ulterior motive” regarding the crisis.

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