Watch: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Skewers This MSNBC Host During Recent Interview

Though there is obviously some level of competition between the three top cable news networks, a cursory review of ratings shows Fox News handily trounces CNN and MSNBC in any measurable metric.

In an effort to reach its wide and engaged audience to promote his latest book, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough recently ventured over to his competitor to chat with Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”

After a largely amiable conversation, the last few minutes were marked with some pointed jabs by Kelly at her guest and his struggling network.

She explained that, even when he is on her show and away from his co-host Mika Brzenzinski, there is “still a blonde woman on the set interrupting you at every turn.”

Kelly said she is not exactly like his MSNBC colleague, though, and made a reference to an on-air incident between the “Morning Joe” co-hosts.

“Only if you snapped your fingers at me you’d have eight fingers instead of 10 left.”

Though the ribbing appeared good-natured, Kelly did not stop with that barb. She was quick to respond when Scarborough – who has been rumored to be considering a 2016 GOP presidential campaign – addressed his critics with this message:

“The bottom line is the most important thing is if people are upset at me, they can be upset at me. I went after Newt Gingrich when he was speaker when Newt stopped being conservative.”

Kelly shot back, “You sound like a politician. You sound like you’re going to run. You bring it back to policy every answer.”

As the interview winded down, Kelly plugged her own network, implying he will receive a big boost for his book because there are “so many viewers” of the Fox News Channel.

“That’s why I came here. Thank you [FNC President] Roger [Ailes]. I love you Roger. Thank you [FNC Executive Vice President] Bill Shine.”

Unable to resist a final dig at MSNBC, Kelly told viewers that if “you want to see more of Joe, you can join his four viewers and see it tomorrow morning.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Morning Joe is a jerk who thinks he is so smart and everyone else is stupid.He deserves that Mika and being Polish myself I think she along with her father make Polish people look ignorant.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Besides everyone on FOX, Joe is the only other person I listen to, especially when he rips into reid

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