Watch: Feminist Leader Gets Owned Over Hobby Lobby Ruling


Appearing on Hannity Tuesday night, The Blaze’s Dana Loesch and Patricia Ireland (a leader in the feminist movement and former president of the National organization for Women) clashed hard over the decision of the Hobby Lobby case.

The two were at opposite ends early and often, beginning when Ireland claimed that Hobby Lobby was denying women basic health care needs.

Loesch interrupted by reminding Ireland that Hobby Lobby was already providing 16 of the 20 forms of contraception well before they were even mandated by Obamacare.

“They were providing birth control to their employees, who they pay way above the minimum wage by the way and gave Sundays off, they were doing this before Obamacare was even a thought,” Loesch said. “Women who work for Hobby Lobby, they still have access to birth control as provided by Hobby Lobby.”

Hobby Lobby only rejects being forced by government to provide 4 types of emergency contraception such as Plan B, also known as the “morning after pill,” which is believed to be similar to abortion.

When asked why she couldn’t respect the family-owned business’ religious beliefs, Ireland said she doesn’t believe “the commercial business has religious views.”

Ireland went on to say, “a woman’s right under a federal law to health coverage shouldn’t be denied based on the corporation owner’s views.”

Close to seething at this point, Loesch couldn’t hold back, “I’m sure Patricia [Ireland] is an educated woman, but it does women a disservice when we have women speaking out on this topic and they don’t seem to understand the facts at hand — so let me set something straight here,” she began.

“I understand completely the facts; I just disagree with your conclusions,” Ireland interrupted.

“No, apparently you don’t, so I’m going to educate you,” Loesch continued.

She reminded Ireland that under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, business would have to prove to the government that their religious beliefs and First Amendment rights are being restricted or violated.

“The hypothetical slippery slope, ridiculous argument that, ‘Well they could just deny all health care,’ [that Ireland was arguing] wouldn’t actually be supported by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. So it’s a bunk, fallacious argument that we are wasting time discussing.”

At this point, Hannity was forced to end the segment, denying either the chance to continue despite each party having a lot more to say and becoming all the more embattled.

Perhaps this is an analogy that can explain the logic of Ireland and others like her:

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