WATCH: Crushing This Liberal Panel On MSNBC Was A Piece Of Cake For Dinesh D’Souza


Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza appeared on MSNBC Thursday, engaging in a debate with liberal host Eric Dyson and his panel, Zerlina Maxwell and Eric Boehlert.

“Ed Show” guest host Dyson asked D’Souza how he reconciled slavery while challenging the “theft and pillage narrative of America’s history.”

“Well, first of all, you have to remember the ethic of conquest, the idea that you get land by grabbing it from someone else has been occurring since the dawn of mankind,” D’Souza answered, noting that native Americans had often taken land from others.

“Slavery was a universal institution; but only one nation, America, fought a great war to end it,” he added.

Panelists Zerlina Maxwell and Eric Boehlert then asserted that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are “very centrist” Democrats, challenging D’Souza’s depiction of Obama as a “radical.”

D’Souza countered, however, saying that both the president and Clinton have been influenced by Saul Alinsky and insisting that such criticism is “perfectly legitimate.”

Panelist Zerlina Maxwell attempted to make a point about Hillary and President Obama, but her argument failed as she only repeated what was previously stated:

“If Hillary and Barack Obama are the worst of the worst when it comes to the radical left, then they are the worst radicals that ever existed in history because, they are like you said Eric, they are centralist democrats.”

Good point, Zerlina, and props on the proof you provided. It must be true because the president said it is. Hmm, the same president who has been so honest about his policies so far.

Yeah, right…

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