Watch: Did Bus Driver Ignore This Vicious Black-On-White Beating?

As much as the leftist media tries to avoid them, reports of apparently race-based attacks on whites by black perpetrators are disturbingly common. Many violent outbreaks – including those associated with the so-called ‘knockout game’ – take place in the open. An alarmingly high number are instigated by school kids.

Such was the case on a public school bus in Delaware recently. As a passenger recorded the altercation on a cell phone camera, several black students jumped on a white boy as a flurry of fists and feet left him moaning and clutching the back of his head.

As if he believed his attackers were motivated by some perceived offense on his part, he turned back toward the mob and pleaded, “I didn’t do nothing.”

Of course, the vicious gang could have easily been engaging in a random act of senseless violence.

In any case, the teen, identified later by his uncle as Alec, was left battered as the school bus driver barreled down the road seemingly undeterred by the beating taking place behind her.

The victim was able to exit the bus at the next stop, effectively stranding him a full 14 miles away from home. He reportedly walked to a fire station in the vicinity where he called on police to assist him.

While fights among schoolchildren of any race is far from rare, the most egregious allegations stemming from the incident were lodged against the bus driver. After Alec’s uncle, Jonathan Guessford, learned of the beating, he took to Facebook in an effort to share the unconscionable story.

Facebook/Jonathan Guessford

Facebook/Jonathan Guessford

“The bus driver failed to intervene AT ALL,” he wrote. “She didn’t stop the bus while the beating occurred. She didn’t call the police and file a report. She didn’t inform the administration that the beating occurred.”

In fact, he asserts, the bus driver told school staff that Alec simply chose to get off of the bus across town from his home for no particular reason.

A Parkway Academy Central student reportedly posted a link of the video and identified each of the perpetrators on a Facebook account. Shortly after a family member contacted school administrators, however, Guessford claims the video was removed.

A YouTube video depicting the altercation was subsequently taken down because the site claims it violated a policy “prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”

As of this writing, however, the clip is still available on Guessford’s Facebook page.

He provided contact information for the school’s principal, Gail Evans, and encouraged others to express their outrage over the incident. Western Journalism’s request for comment was not immediately returned.

“No child should have to be attacked like this in school or on a bus ride to and from school while adults excuse and allow it to happen,” he concluded.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Jonathan Guessford

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