WATCH: Democrats Caught On Camera Breaking Voter Registration Laws

Thanks to the vigilant activism of James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas campaign, a long line of leftist corruption has been exposed on camera. The self-described “guerrilla war to expose fraud” most recently tackled the growing Democrat movement to turn Texas into a blue state.

The key to that goal, according to the Battleground Texas staffers recorded, is registering as many leftist voters as possible. Beyond that, at least one of the organization’s leaders, field organizer Jennifer Longoria, encourages participants to violate a clearly stated privacy law.

“Every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, and phone number,” she said to an investigative journalist posing as a volunteer. “That’s where all our information comes from.”

When asked for clarification, Longoria confirmed that data comes directly from voter registration forms. The problem, however, is that recording a registrant’s phone number from these documents is against the law.

The Secretary of State’s office has ruled that only names and addresses are considered public information; and in response to Project Veritas’ request, a source within the department declared that “section 13.004 speaks for itself.”

Nevertheless, Longoria claims their “data collection is the key” to increasing voter turnout. Merely registering a voter, she said in the video, results in about a 15 percent turnout rate, while multiple calls to that same voter can increase that probability fivefold.

Volunteers are encouraged to call the voters they register, using a script that confirms they are “calling in support of Wendy Davis.”

Already mired in substantial scandals, the Texas Democrat, whose claim to fame is a desire to see more late-term abortions in her state, now finds herself at the heart of another public relations disaster.

O’Keefe calls Battleground Texas “the new ACORN,” explaining that the group uses many of the same illegal tactics of the community organization group responsible for registering single voters multiple times, or signing up ineligible individuals.

It is evident that the only way Texas will fall under Democrat control in the short term is through rampant corruption and fraud. Unfortunately, this video shows that Battleground Texas is using exactly such tactics in pursuing its goal.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Longoria related to (liberal D) Eva?

  2. Linda From NY says:

    This young woman Longoria is breaking the law and now that she has been expose I hope she gets jail time or a huge find of thousands

  3. Gilberto Garcia says:


  4. And who does this surprise, it is something that I would be betting on, the have no honor,none of them.

  5. Hang in there O'Keefe and keep the pressure on these people that think they brake the voting laws and get away with it . Shine the light of day on these people, they'll have a had time hiding from the truth . These people don't know it but when they cheat the American voter they are cheating themselves . As the old saying goes " what goes around comes around "

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    No mater how much you show how crooked the Obutthole administration is nothing will happen. He doesn't believe in enforcing anything he doesn't like.He's a bastard.

  7. The Democrat Party has turned into such a lawless bunch of thugs. They're using every dirty trick, fraud, corruption, illegal thuggery, anything they can possibly do to lie, cheat and steal their way to complete and total control over the people. Conservatives don't play by those rules. I've NEVER seen the corruption this bad before, and it's all on the Left. These people are sick, they've got to be stopped. But with a lawless "president " in office, they know they can get away with murder, literally. The American people are going to have to rise up against this evil in our midst. There's no other way to stop it.

  8. and will anyone go to jail or pay hefty fines ….no they are democrats lol such a corrupt issue on video tottally against the law no one will be accountable …

  9. must read

  10. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Project Veritas, took on the unpopular ObamaCare law in their latest video. Using hidden cameras, a man portraying a healthcare applicant captured video of his meeting with navigators at an office in Dallas, Texas. The video showed numerous ObamaCare surrogates encouraging the subject to lie about key aspects of his life in the enrollment process. The only way democraps can win is if they lie and cheat! Gone are the days of blowing up the Pentagon to usher in a socialist utopia—á la Bill Ayers. Now everything is done in secret—stealth socialists they’re called. Former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’s buddy Jeff Jones is pushing ObamaCare over at the George Soros-funded Apollo Alliance. And socialist-connected American Environics is doing all the polling for the stealth operation. And another socialist front group, Families USA, is concocting phony ObamaCare “success stories.”  Enroll America, the so-called “non-partisan” federally-funded group, outed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas as full of liars and conmen, is tasked with signing up dupes for Obama’s overpriced healthcare. Domestic terrorists, socialists, and con men, all working with Obama to push socialized medicine…and no one is surprised. Now all these groups (Apollo Alliance, American Environics, Families USA, Enroll America, Battleground Texas, …) are turning their focus from obamacare to the 2014 elections. The only way democraps can win is if they lie and cheat!

  11. James Andrews says:

    Laws mean nothing to the party of the left. This is nothing new!

  12. I <3 Obama

  13. I <3 Obama

  14. Typical unethical Demoncraps…the end (winning) justifies the means (breaking the law).

  15. We The People of America SHOULD legally have you and anyone from any party or anyone illegally influencing the vote outcome and should be ARRESTED PROSECUTED, FINED AND IMPRISONED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW…AMD IT SHOULD start with:
    Wendy Davis […"negligence IS NO EXCUSE…!]and Jennifer Langoria for unlawfully obtaining voter information… [dEAR LEGAL EAGLES OUT THERE, IS that tantamount to R.I.C.O. if there is an exchange of money?]
    ou Langoria will not be able to cry foul or I thought it was O.K as negligence is no excuse of the law…You are willfull. illegally and injuriously bringing harm tp all Americans

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