WATCH Democrats Actually Act Like Children On The House Floor

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Iran has stolen flight 307 to use as a nuclear missile against DC, that could be a good thing. Waaa, Issa insulted us, we have pictures of him, see, we have ipads, see, now we must kill him, Lerner should be held in contempt and do jail time. She was paid by the tax payers and her 6 figure retirement should be taken away. If we can't make the IRS non biased, it will have to be abolished and replaced with a fair/flat tax! House democraps have a mental disorder!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    They are a bunch of babies Issa was right when he cut the mike of to that escapee from the Washington Zoo E Cummings all this spook was looking for is to cause trouble and he won.They don't remember when their little mole like reature Waxman did that to Issa.

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