Watch: Boehner Just Surrendered To … Eric Holder

Days after Republicans in the chamber led a vote to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress, House Speaker John Boehner announced his intention to effectively neuter representatives hoping to enforce a real penalty against her.

Despite her consistent pattern of stonewalling investigators trying to get to the bottom of the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, he indicated the House’s role in the Lerner ordeal is over.

Although House members are constitutionally permitted to make an arrest on such charges, Boehner explained this weekend that he is firmly against pursuing that option. Instead, he said in a Fox News interview Sunday, he wants to let Eric Holder be the sole arbiter of justice in the case.

“The contempt charge has gone to the attorney general,” he said, “and it’s up to the attorney general, Eric Holder, to prosecute this and to assign someone to prosecute the case.”

Of course, Boehner conceded that he is unsure whether the Justice Department, which has been accused countless times under Holder’s leadership of enforcing the law with a partisan bias, will vigorously pursue the case against Lerner.

“Now, will he do it?” Boehner asked. “We don’t know. But the ball is in his court.”

Interviewer Maria Bartiromo specifically asked him about the enforcement provisions afforded his chamber. Boehner’s response, though disjointed, revealed his clear opposition to pursuing Lerner’s arrest.

“There’s a provision in the Constitution that has never been used; and, uh, and so, that’s uh,” he began. “I’m not sure that we want to go down that path.”

His only identifiable argument against the action is that it would mark the first time the House has pursued it. Nevertheless, the provision exists for a specific reason; and, by the criteria of many experts, the Lerner case is one in which such a move would be warranted.

Nevertheless, Boehner has made his decision, conceding he has no idea why the House has never acted on its enforcement authority.

“I’m not the historian here,” he concluded, returning to his previous position that it has “never been used, and I’m not sure that it’s uh, uh, an appropriate way to go about this.”

If you think Boehner’s wrong, sign the petition to arrest Lois Lerner below.

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  1. Google up Boehner, find the email link and then email Boehner a note letting him know how disgusting he is

  2. Linda From NY says:

    When I first got the news this morning about John Boehner I was upset and I went to his site and told him what a failure and a weak man he is. I also said that he does not represent the American people that he and that he is a traitor.

    But most important I told him coming Nov 2014 that he was going to be Voted OUT of office and reminded him again what a failure of man he is.

    I hope millions of people will write to this loser Boehner and let him know how they truly feel. We all know Holder won’t do anything and this Lois Lerner another criminal will walk free.

    I can not stress enough of how important is to get out and Vote Out these criminals on Nov 2014 and try to get the house back. But most important we need to Pray

    I hope the flunkies that works for him will show him this e-mail, perhaps if enough e-mails comes in he’ll get the message loud and clear

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you Linda, Boner is nothing but a weak republican so, if a Democrap wins no loss.Can you imagine going to that poch monkey Holder to go after Obuttholes number 1 girl, Pignose Lerner,after all she did to get him relected.

  3. Does the mob still exist.You know,broken thumb,whatever.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Boner is the biggest disappointment the republicans have.He is as big or bigger RINO then John McCain.Look how long it took the dink to come up with a special prosecutor.This man is Obuttholes best friend and he should be ashamed of how he letshis party down.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Don’t forget about “inherent contempt”, which is enacted only if holder takes no action and sits on his asss and Lerner’s contempt, which is what he is famous for doing! How long does holder need to wait before they can arrest her? TBD. He will wait for the next congress. Just Jail Lerner, Jail Cummings, Jail Holder, Impeach obama, and abolish the IRS for a fair/flat tax!!!

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