WATCH Bergdahl’s Platoon Mate Annihilate Him In Front Of Congress

Bowe Bergdahl’s former platoon mate, Army SPC Cody Full (Retired), testified before the House Middle East and North Africa Terrorism & Nonproliferation Subcommittee regarding Bergdahl’s state of mind and actions leading up to his desertion from his unit.

“It is clear to me that he had a plan and executed it,” said SPC Full.  “Knowing that someone you needed to trust deserted you in war and did so on his own free will is the ultimate betrayal.”  He continued with his prepared statement: “You should not be able to desert your fellow Americans without consequences.  Bowe Bergdahl should not be characterized as having served with honor and distinction.”

Full concluded his comments with a list of charges including “desertion, missing movement, disrespect towards a superior commissioned officer, insubordinate conduct towards a non-commissioned officer, failure to obey order or regulation, misbehavior before the enemy, and misconduct as a prisoner.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Now they'll go after Spc Full for saying Birdahl is a deserter.I believe the army wants to paint Bowe a hero because Obutthole wants this since he has to show he made a good trade of 5 terrorist dream team for an American hero.

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